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Plain Woven Fabrics

When selecting a fabric for your interior project, the amount of choice on the market can seem overwhelming at times. With so many eye-catching prints and intricate textures available to add unique flair and style, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sometimes, what you really need is the perfect blank canvas – and that’s where plain fabrics come in. Shop our range of plain, woven fabrics here.

Plain Woven Fabrics

What is a Plain Weave?

Plain woven fabrics, also known as solids, are exactly as they sound: fabrics devoid of patterns or prints. They come in a vast array of colours, from classic black and white through to useable neutrals, bold brights and soothing pastels. Known as the most basic and yet, incredibly versatile weave, plain woven fabrics are formed when a single warp (vertical) thread goes over one weft (horizontal) thread, then under the next, in a repeated pattern. This creates a stable, balanced fabric with a smooth, checkered look when you examine it closely.

While the weave itself is straightforward, plain woven fabrics come in a vast array of materials, from the crisp coolness of cotton and the luxurious, natural feel of linen to the durability of synthetic fibres. The type of yarn used, its thickness, and the dye applied all contribute to the final look and feel of the fabric. But don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity. Plain fabrics offer a surprising wealth of benefits.

Benefits of Plain Woven Fabrics

  • Versatility: Plain fabrics are the ultimate chameleons. They can be dressed up or down and have the ability to complement any interior design style or colour scheme.
  • Timeless Appeal: Busy prints and patterns can go in and out of style, but plain fabrics never truly go out of fashion. A well-made garment or home decor item in a neutral or flattering colour will endure for years to come.
  • Letting Other Elements Shine: If you have a patterned element of a room such as a wallpaper, window dressing or accent chair that you’d like to draw the focus to, plain fabrics provide the perfect backdrop, allowing other design features to take centre stage without competing for attention.
  • Easy to Mix and Match: Plains play well with others! Whether you choose multiple plains for a tonal effect or mix and match with prints and embroidered fabrics, plain weaves can create endless decor possibilities.
  • Durability and Strength: A plain weave, the most basic weaving method, creates a strong and stable fabric. The simple over-under pattern of the warp and weft threads makes it resistant to wear and tear, ideal for a range of interior applications.
  • Easy to Sew: For sewing novices and pros alike, plain woven fabrics are a dream to work with. They lie flat and don’t bunch or pucker, making them easier to cut, sew, and achieve crisp lines in your project.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to more intricate and complex weaves like satin or damask, plain woven fabrics are generally less expensive to produce, making them a budget-friendly choice.
  • Crisp Drape or Structured Form: Depending on the fibre content and weight, plain woven fabrics can create either a beautiful, structured form or a lovely, crisp drape.

Fabric Collections

We are proud to offer a wide selection of plain woven designs within our extensive fabric portfolio. Choose from an array of popular collections launched by top fabric houses and designer brands. Available across a tremendous spectrum of colour and compositions, our range is truly limitless and suitable for any style of home.

We particularly love the superb Linara collection by Romo. Iconic and versatile, this luxurious cotton linen blend exudes style and sophistication with its peach-skin brushed finish and diverse palette of over 380 shades. The Prestigious Textiles Saxon fabric is also a bestselling design (see image 1 below). Admired for its plain yet supple texture and timeless linen look, it lends itself beautifully to curtain, blind, cushion and upholstery applications.

For a rich and luxurious look, the House Plain fabric by GP&J Baker is a beautiful choice (see image 2 below). A multipurpose, linen union cloth available in 17 colour ways, this fabric adorns a wonderful texture for timeless appeal. We also love the Designers Guild Mirissa fabric. This smart, plain textured weave features a subtle sheen and soft drape across an extensive colour palette, making it a popular choice.

Prestigious Textiles Saxon
Plain Woven Fabrics

Wide Width

We are also delighted to offer a wide selection of wide width plain woven fabrics, typically 280cm – 315cm wide. These lend themselves beautifully to wave curtains which are popular across large expanses of glazing such as bi-fold / sliding doors and extra wide windows. Complementing the modern, simple look of the wave heading style, wide width plain fabrics can enable the curtains to be made up without any joins (width and drop dependant), delivering a seamless, polished look.

Some of our bestselling designs include Kobe Larino (see image opposite) and Prestigious Textiles Jorvik. The Loire fabric by Warwick is also a superb, eco-conscious choice, made from semi-sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton (see image at top of blog).

Plain Woven Fabrics
Plain Woven Fabrics


If specifying a window dressing for a space with blackout requirements (i.e. bedroom), you may wish to opt for one of our plain, woven blackout fabrics to help reduce light ingress into the room. Silent Gliss offer some superb, high performance blackout fabrics across a range of colour ways to suit classic and contemporary interiors alike. The Somnia fabric is a great example, offering a wide width solution with a subtle structured appearance. The Cavendish and Chiltern designs by Prestigious Textiles are also great options for blackout requirements.

Although these fabrics are labelled as blackout, please note where the fabric is sewn at the bottom hem, light will penetrate through the pinholes. To help overcome this issue, we would recommend specifying a blackout lining. We offer premium blackout linings as part of our bespoke, made to measure curtain and roman blind making service. Find out more about our lining options here.

Ready Made Curtains

If you’re looking for a simple window dressing with an instant impact, we also offer some beautiful plain, woven ready made curtains. The Laura Ashley Stephanie design is a stunning choice, available with a pencil pleat or eyelet heading. Featuring a classic plain design with a stylish woven texture, these curtains come in various sizes and colour ways. They also feature a blackout lining to help darken rooms, even in the lightest months.


Complete your scheme with an intricately textured, plain, hand woven rug. We particularly love the Clarke & Clarke Gabrielle Rug, woven from a mixture of PET recycled fibres and wool to give a robust yet luxury finish that is friendlier to the planet. Available in 2 colour ways, the soft blended woven design creates a soft natural all over hue that is incredibly adaptable to a variety of interior settings. Shop our full range of rugs here.

Laura Ashley Stephanie Blackout Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains
Plain Woven Fabrics


Plain woven fabrics are a winning combination. With their versatility, timeless appeal and ability to make other elements shine, they are a true design essential to any interior scheme. A great standalone piece or a subtle complement, a plain weave is a testament to the enduring power of simplicity and functionality in the world of textiles.

If you would like any help, advice or fabric samples sending out, please do get in touch. We also stock a range of fabric books in our showroom in Brockenhurst, should you wish to browse our collection. If you would like any help pulling a full room solution together, we do offer a bespoke design service and can provide fabric, design and paint colour advice to help you create a home you love. We can also make up your perfect window dressings with our bespoke, made to measure curtain and roman blind making service.

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