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Paint & Paper Library Paint & Wallpaper Collections

Paint & Paper Library: Unveiling Luxury for Your Walls

Discerning homeowners seeking to elevate their interiors often find themselves drawn towards Paint & Paper Library’s paint and wallpaper collections.  However, this prestigious British brand isn’t just about paint and wallpaper; it’s about an experience – a journey into the world of colour, quality and timeless style and design.

Paint & Paper Library’s Paint Range: A Legacy of Exquisite Colour

Established with a focus on reviving the beauty of historical paints, Paint & Paper Library boasts a rich heritage. Their meticulous research and dedication to quality ensure their colours are authentic and formulated with the finest ingredients. From colours inspired by classical art to shades reflecting contemporary trends, their unique palette offers something for every vision.

Paint & Paper Library Paint & Wallpaper Collections

Paint & Paper Library’s Architectural Collections: A Symphony of Colour Collections

Paint & Paper Library offers a collection of colours called “Architectural Colours”, designed specifically to bring a subtle depth to neutral interior design schemes. This palette features 95 gradations of colour, including gentle light tones and restful neutrals. The colours are grouped into 19 families, with each family containing five shades of increasing intensity (numbered I to V). This structure allows for easy creation of harmonious colour schemes. You can achieve a soft, coordinated feel by using colours from the same family, or create a more dramatic effect by combining lighter and darker shades from different families.

Paint & Paper Library’s architectural colours are the perfect companions to their bolder “Original Colours.” The Architectural Colours provide a foundation of subtle neutrals, enabling the Original Colours from the portfolio, with their rich pigments and personality, to truly shine. You can create a cohesive look by pairing a deep green Original Colour with a lighter shade from its corresponding Architectural family, or use contrasting colours from different families for a more dynamic space.

The below shows the graduations of colour from the Slate Architectural Colour family.


Paint & Paper Library’s Paint Finishes

The Paint & Paper Library boasts a range of finish options to complement their colour palette. They cater to both a preference for a flat, low-sheen look or a higher sheen for a touch of glamour. On the matte side, their Pure Flat Emulsion is ideal for ceilings and walls, while the Architects’ Eggshell offers a washable and durable option for walls and interior woodwork. If a touch of sheen is desired, the Architects’ Satinwood provides a smooth, low-maintenance finish, and for a truly reflective surface, their Architects’ Gloss delivers a classic high-gloss shine.

Here is a short summary:

  • Pure Flat Emulsion: This is their flattest paint (2% sheen level), ideal for ceilings and walls where you don’t want any sheen.  This finish delivers a soft, chalky effect.  The high pigmentation gives a profound depth of colour.  This finish is also micro-porous, to allow the fabric of a building to breathe.

  • Architects’ Matt: A popular, high performance, self-priming paint that delivers a matt finish (3-5% sheen) suitable for both walls and ceilings.  This finish is completely washable with excellent scuff and stain resistance.  Ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and living spaces.

  • Architects’ Eggshell: A popular, self priming paint choice for both walls and interior/exterior woodwork.  It provides a subtle sheen (10-20%) and is easy to maintain.  It is especially suitable for bathrooms where condensation may be problematic.  It is also suitable for furniture, metalwork and radiators.

  • Architects’ Satinwood: A low-maintenance and durable option with a satin finish (30-35% sheen), perfect for all interior and exterior woodwork, in particular all household joinery, skirting boards, doors and window frames including kitchen cupboards, wooden furniture and front doors.  Self-priming.

  • Architects’ Gloss: If you need a high-shine (dries to a high sheen 80% sheen level) and protective finish, the Architects’ Gloss finish is a perfect choice for interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, metalwork and radiators.  Ideal for front doors to create an impactful statement.  Prime new work and aged gloss paint with Paint & Paper Library’s Architects’ Eggshell in the same colour.

  • Architects’ A.S.P. (All Surface Primer): This is a versatile, water-based primer that can be used on various surfaces before painting.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Paint & Paper Library understands the importance of environmental responsibility. Their water-based, low VOC paints offer a healthier choice for your home and the planet.

Paints for the whole house!

Paint & Paper Library’s paints cater to various rooms in your home thanks to their diverse colour palette and thoughtful finishes. Their washable Architect’s matt emulsion is perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, while their Pure Flat Emulsion creates a cosy atmosphere in bedrooms. The rich, bold colours bring life to living rooms, while the subtler tones of the Architectural Colours collection provide a calming backdrop for hallways and home offices.  Their Architect’s Gloss finish is ideal for front doors to create an impactful welcome to your home.

Paint & Paper Library Paint & Wallpaper Collections
Paint & Paper Library Paint & Wallpaper Collections
Paint & Paper Library Paint & Wallpaper Collections

Luxury for Your Walls: Exploring the Design Delights of Paint & Paper Library’s Wallpaper Collections

Paint & Paper Library’s wall coverings offer a captivating array of styles, from timeless florals and botanicals to striking geometrics and modern murals. Each design is meticulously crafted to complement their paint palette, ensuring a cohesive look for your entire space. Whether you seek a touch of classic elegance or a burst of contemporary flair, Paint & Paper Library’s wallpapers promise to transform your walls into works of art.


The Botany Wallpaper Collection

Paint & Paper Library’s Botany collection celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Inspired by an artist’s travels, these wallpapers feature a variety of botanical motifs. Delicate florals and bold palm prints mingle with geometric elements, offering a touch of both elegance and drama. Each design is hand-drawn or painted, bringing a unique character to your walls. With a range of colour-ways to choose from, the Botany collection allows you to create a serene or a captivatingly vibrant space, all inspired by the wonders of nature.

Paint & Paper Library’s Jangala wallpaper featured left in Plaster.

The Tresco Wallpaper Collection

Immerse yourself in the idyllic charm of the Isles of Scilly with Paint & Paper Library’s Tresco collection. Inspired by artist Hugo Dalton’s time spent on the private island of Tresco, this wallpaper range captures the island’s unique beauty. Expect a blend of traditional and digital printing techniques bringing to life eight captivating designs. The collection utilizes a rich palette drawn from Paint & Paper Library’s existing colours, offering a variety of colorways to suit your taste. Each design promises to transport you to a world of tranquility, bringing a touch of island paradise to your décor.

Paint & Paper Libarary’s Protea Trail Wallpaper featured right in clay.


Combining Paint & Paper Library’s Paint and Wallpapers

Paint & Paper Library’s Architectural Colours, offer a range of complementary tones that perfectly ground their statement wallpapers. Simply pick a colour from the wallpaper’s background or a subtle accent hue to paint the remaining walls. This creates a cohesive look that highlights the wallpaper’s beauty without overwhelming the space.  Visit Paint & Paper Library’s wallpaper designs on our website for inspiration and complementing paint ideas.

Featured below is Aeonium in Temple, complemented by paint colours Powder III, Rouge II and Paris Rooftops.


Unveiling Luxury in Every Detail

From the meticulously researched colours to the high-quality finishes, Paint & Paper Library will elevate every aspect of your home. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a homeowner embarking on a DIY project, Paint & Paper Library empowers you to create a space that reflects your unique style and embodies timeless elegance.

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