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Linen Fabrics

Linen. The very word evokes images of breezy summer dresses and relaxed sophistication. But this natural fabric is much more than just a seasonal staple. Linen boasts a unique blend of comfort, durability and style that makes it a year-round favourite for both home decor and fashion. Shop our range of linen fabrics here.

Linen Fabrics

Linen: A Natural Wonder

Linen is a natural textile made from the long, slender fibres of the flax plant. One of the oldest textiles in the world with evidence of its use dating back to 8000 BC, this fabric type is known for its strength, durability and absorbency. Linen is also breathable, allowing air to circulate to help keep you cool in hot weather, unlike some synthetic fabrics that trap heat. While linen excels in warm weather clothing, these properties also make it a popular choice for a variety of interior applications including window treatments, upholstery, bedding, tablecloths and towels.

Linen fabrics can be made in a variety of weights, from sheer and lightweight to heavy and durable. Enriched with natural texture, this material has a beautiful drape and will bring a touch of understated luxury and elegance to any space. As flax is a relatively low-impact crop that requires minimal water and pesticides to grow, linen is considered an eco-friendly choice. It is also biodegradable, so it won’t add to landfill waste. This lends itself effortlessly to our Nature Luxe interior design trend, inspired by and conscious of the natural environment.

Linen fabrics are loved for their many qualities, both practical and aesthetic. Discover some of the benefits below.

Benefits of Linen Fabrics

  • Temperature regulation: Linen is known for being both breathable and absorbent to help keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather. However, it also has natural insulating properties for warmth in cooler temperatures.
  • Durability: Linen is considered one of the strongest natural fibres. It is resistant to tearing and abrasion and can last for many years with appropriate care and maintenance. This makes it a great choice for upholstery, adding a touch of elegance to furniture.
  • Eco-friendly: Linen is made from flax plants, making it a more sustainable choice than some other fabrics.
  • Versatility: Linen fabrics come in a range of plain and patterned designs across a plethora of colour ways to suit any interior design style and colour scheme.
  • Luxurious look and feel: Linen has a beautiful drape and a slightly wrinkled texture that many find appealing and characterful.

Fabric Collections

We are delighted to offer a beautiful selection of linen fabrics for interior design projects. Discover sumptuous 100% linen, linen mix and linen-look fabrics available by the metre. Whether you’re looking for something plain and versatile or intricately patterned, our range features some superb designs from a plethora of fabric houses including Prestigious Textiles, Sanderson, Ian Mankin, Harlequin, Clarke & Clarke, Romo, Linwood, GP & J Baker and many more.

100% Linen Fabrics

Plain 100% linen fabrics offer a timeless elegance and natural appeal. Ideal for creating a relaxed or classic look, the beauty of plain linen lies in its simplicity, allowing the natural texture of the fabric to take centre stage. The Prestigious Textiles NordicClarke & Clarke Lazio and Warwick Laundered Linen fabrics are some beautiful examples, offering a tactile finish in a palette of 25 shades or more. Ian Mankin also offers a superb selection of plain linens from the stunning Granular to the gorgeous Highland Plain.

Alternatively, the Linwood Danube collection comprises some gorgeous, sustainable linen plains, checks, stripes and twills, perfect for adding luxurious depth and texture to your scheme. We also love Linwood’s pure linen Small Prints such as Bagatelle and Buttons, ideal for incorporating pattern in a gentle, laid-back way. If you’d prefer something boldly patterned to add character and charm, the Linwood Bibi collection is a great choice, inspired by Uzbekistan’s decorative, ancient block prints, or consider a timeless floral linen design from the Sanderson One Sixty collection.

Linen sheer / voile fabrics are also available for that relaxed, airy and floaty look. The Harlequin Sheers 1 collection is the perfect go to, offering a superb range of stylish designs to uplift your interior scheme. Add an air of simplicity with the finely woven, Lucent sheer available in 12 tonal colours, or opt for something bold and dramatic with statemental, mural-like designs such as Air and Floreana. Shop more of our 100% linen fabrics here.

Prestigious Textiles Nordic Fabric
Linen Fabrics

Linen Mix Fabrics

Linen mix fabrics combine linen with other fibres such as cotton or viscose to create authentic materials that blend the positive qualities and benefits of both. We are proud to offer a wide selection of linen blend fabrics, ideal for a range of interior applications.

For ultimate versatility, the Linara collection by Romo is a fantastic choice. A luxurious blend of cotton and linen, this popular fabric is available across an extensive palette of over 380 shades. Other plain options include Koki by Warwick, a weighty linen mix ideal for high traffic areas of the home and Malmo by Villa Nova, a contemporary, semi-plain weave. You may also wish to consider the understated Romo Kyri fabric with it’s linen blend composition and on-trend, boucle finish. In addition, the Clarke & Clarke Midori and Kobe Ragga wide width sheer fabrics offer some fantastic options should you wish to create an airy feel ahead of the summer months.

For an element of pattern, the GP & J Baker House Plain and Stripe collection works well for a subtle look. We also love the Romo Toulin fabric collection, comprised of fresh botanicals, contemporary geometrics and mesmerising stripes printed onto a Linara base!

Linen Fabrics
Prestigious Textiles Whisp

Linen-Look Fabrics

If you wish to achieve the visual appeal of linen without the wrinkles and potential higher cost, a linen-effect fabric may be your ideal fit. These fabrics mimic the look and feel of real linen using other materials such as cotton, polyester or viscose. Typically offered at a lower price point, linen-look fabrics can be softer and drape better than real linen. These can also lend themselves better to the wave curtain heading as opposed to high percentage linen fabrics that may struggle to maintain the wave structure.

The Prestigious Textiles Whisp fabric is an excellent example. Made from polyester (76% recycled), this wide width, semi-sheer fabric showcases a stunning linen effect across a muted colour palette and is a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious. Continuing with the eco theme, the new Romo Elio fabric also presents as a charming plain linen, but is in fact woven from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles! These 2 fabrics provide sustainable options that offer an alternative without compromising on the eco benefits of linen.


Stylish and sustainable, linen is a timeless fabric that will take you comfortably through every season. Whether you opt for plain or patterned, pure or faux, linen is the perfect way to add an air of natural charm and beauty to your home.

If you would like any help, advice or fabric samples sending out, please do get in touch. We also stock a range of fabric books in our showroom in Brockenhurst, should you wish to browse our collection. If you would like any help pulling a full room solution together, we do offer a bespoke design service and can provide fabric, design and paint colour advice to help you create a home you love. We can also make up your perfect window dressings with our bespoke, made to measure curtain and roman blind making service.

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