Curtain tracks suitable for bay windows

All of our Silent Gliss curtain tracks can be bent in our factory to your bay window measurements and angles. Please download our quotation form and return it to for a quotation. Please read our blog or watch our YouTube video to find out which Silent Gliss track is right for your requirements.

Silent Gliss Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Silent Gliss have an extensive range of bay window curtain tracks suitable for all curtain weights and uncorded and corded tracks are available to suit your requirements. They also have a range of tracks that have been designed to be ceiling recess fitted. Please see our ceiling fix tracks category for more details. All of the Silent Gliss tracks come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Please note you cannot bend these yourself as a specialist bending tool is required.

The Silent Gliss tracks are excellent quality and offer a superior glide to other tracks on the market. They are also very quiet! All of the Silent Gliss tracks are available (except the Silent Gliss Autoglide Electric track that is only available up to a 5m length) up to a 6m length as a single track profile so are perfect for large bay windows. You can join 2 Silent Gliss tracks together giving you a maximum width of 12m!

If you would prefer to bend a curtain track yourself for your bay window you first need to decide which material you would like to purchase:

Plastic (PVC) Bay Window Options

All of our PVC curtain tracks can be bent by hand and the Universal PVC track can also be reverse bent so the track comes back onto the return walls. The Swish Deluxe (uncorded) and Swish Superluxe (corded) are our best sellers in this category and are suitable for heavy weight curtains. A top tip is to pop your PVC curtain track in the airing cupboard to warm it up prior to bending. This makes bending it a little easier!

Metal Bay Window Options

We sell a variety of metal curtain tracks corded and uncorded that can be bent by hand. The Hallis Superglide (available corded and uncorded) and Harrison Drape Track (uncorded) can be bent by hand and reverse bent (for return walls). The Swish Aluglyde (uncorded), Swish Supreme Glide (uncorded), Swish Supreme Cord (corded) can all be bent by hand but they can’t be reverse bent.

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