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Made to Measure Curtain Tracks Quotation / Order form

Please find attached our quotation / order form for our made to measure curtain tracks.  The form is suitable for all types of bay windows / L shapes.

Download this form: The Home Of Interiors Made to Measure Order Form

How to use the form:

Please choose the style / shape of bay window you have and complete the measurements as shown on the form.  If you provide the wall measurements our software projects the ‘actual’ track to take into account the projection of the wall fix brackets.  Please note the ‘actual’ track length will be shorter than the wall measurements provided due to the projection.  A small projection is made if you are ceiling fixing the track to ensure there is enough room away from the wall for you to fit the brackets.

If you have a particular projection you would like us to take into account please specify this on the form and the software will project the tracks for the specified projection.  This may be required if you have a particularly wide windowsill and you want your curtains to sit in front of the windowsill, or there may be a radiator you want the curtains to sit in front of.

If you provide back of rail, centre of rail or front of rail measurements no projection will be made as actual track measurements will have been provided.

What about the angles? if you know the angles of your bay window then please provide these, however we appreciate this can be difficult.  If you don’t know the angles please provide the cross diagonal measurements shown on the form.  Our software will then generate the angles from the cross diagonal measurements provided.  The measurement across the front of the bay is then used as a check to ensure all the measurements are looking accurate.  We take into account a 2cm tolerance but will ask you to re-measure if the measurements fall outside of this tolerance.  Please note this may increase the delivery of your track by a day or two, but these checks are essential to ensure we provide a track that will fit!

To ensure accurate measurements are provided please ensure you measure from the same point i.e. point A is always in the same place.  Please measure right into the corners.  We recommend someone helps you with the measurements as it can be tricky measuring on your own!

My window is quite unusual!   If you have an unusual window please do send us a photograph.  It is so helpful for us to visualise your window.  We can then make a more informed recommendation as to which track is most suitable for your requirements.

If you have any questions at all we are at the end of the phone to help.  Please do contact us on 01625 449039 or email us [email protected] and we will be delighted to answer your question(s).

Please send your completed form to [email protected] and we will reply with a quotation to meet your specification details.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.


Debbie and Dee and the Home Of Interiors team



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