Somfy Irismo 45 RTS Electric Curtain Track – Battery Operated

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Somfy Irismo 45 RTS Battery Powered Electric Curtain Track

Wirefree, plug-and-play curtain motorisation by Somfy


  • Easy installation and completely wireless with battery operation.
  • Up to 10m in length.
  • Suitable for curtain weights up to 45kg.
  • Suitable for use in all bay windows.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 9 months between charges. 4.5 hours full recharge time.
  • No need to hand draw heavy or hard to reach curtains.
  • Includes Touch-motion “tug-to-operate” feature.
  • Soft Open and Soft Close feature.
  • Variable speed options.
  • Smooth, quiet operation and the ability to set a favourite position with your Smoove wall switch.
  • Motor can be fitted upside down to fit into ceiling cavity (great advantage for sheer curtains).
  • Rechargeable battery means there are no trailing wires or cords.
  • Reliable Somfy motor with a full 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Many ways to control, additional options including smartphone control, Amazon Alexa and Google Home automation (See TaHoma home hub).
  • Can be ceiling recess fitted using the Blindspace recess profile.

In the box

Your Somfy Motorised Curtain Track is supplied with the following:

  • Somfy curtain track with battery powered Somfy motor.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack to power the Somfy motor.
  • Your selected control – either a wall switch or remote is required for setup, please select which control device you would like when you purchase your track.
  • Brackets suitable for wall or ceiling installation.
  • Instructions to guide you through the curtain track installation process from start to finish.
  • Any tracks requested as a split length will be supplied with a video link to show how to re-assemble the track correctly prior to installation.
  • Charger not supplied (only one required per order – add as option above before checkout).
For a concealed recess profile for the Somfy Irismo 45 RTS  shop here – and watch the YouTube video here
Please note these tracks are all made to measure and cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty.
Please get in touch if we can help with any project.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work with you in due course.

Supplied in 2 pieces from: 5m
Suitable for bay windows: Not recommended
Can be bent by hand: No
leadtime: 2 weeks

The number of gliders detailed below (Runners), is applicable for Standard Roller Gliders only. In addition there are fixed hook positions on the motor and master carrier.  On average this equates to around 10 hook position per meter as a minimum.  The number of Wave Gliders  will vary depending on the exact track length and wave glider spacing selected (60mm or 80mm).

Pair Stack Curtains: Track Dimensions


Single Stack Curtains: Track Dimensions 

Technical Characteristics

  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency : battery pack
  • Radio Frequency : 433 MHz
  • Protection Index : IP30
  • Type of limit switch unit : Adjustable limits
  • Insulation class : I
  • Approval : CE SASO

Bracket Text: There are two bracket options available, clamp style swivel brackets and a One touch sprung loaded bracket. Both can be used for either wall or ceiling fixing and for wall fixing extension arms are provided. If you are ceiling fixing we would recoment the clamp bracket as this will fit the track flush to the ceiling to minimise and light gap.

Bracket fixing type: Clamp or one touch – both can be used with the extendable bracket for wall fixing.

Revolutionising Home Comfort Control

Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is Somfy’s exclusive control platform which enables users to adjust motorised interior window coverings and motorised exterior products such as awnings, rolling shutters, pergolas and screens from virtually anywhere.


  • RTS is omnidirectional and travels through walls making controlling motorized products easy. You don’t necessarily have to be in the same room as your motorised product(s), or aim at them in order to operate.
  • No extra wires are needed.
  • Features Somfy’s exclusive “my” function, which allows you to program a preferred product position.
  • You can mix and match controls as you wish.  Use a fixed wall switch or a remote or use both.
  • Provides the ability to change user preferences anytime with simplified programming.
  • RTS allows you to build your home automation system gradually. For example, you can start with a motorised curtain, then add blinds and other accessories later.
  • What’s more, RTS adapts easily to changes in your interior layout, as you can add control points or move them at will.

Control Options

somfy controls rts the home of interiors
Click the Image to view Somfy control options

Wall Switches

The Smoove 1 RTS

makes a stylish statement, while offering all the benefits of a single channel remote. This battery-operated solution is easy to install and doesn’t require an electrician.

  • New timeless look, with interchangeable frames to match any room.
  • Surface-mount avoids cutting into drywall.
  • Completely wireless.
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Includes open, close and stop functions, and programmable ‘my’ button
  • being stationary on a wall provides an ideal way to operate motorised products when entering or exiting a room.
  • Available in seven decorative colour frames.
Smoove Origin 4 RTS

This multi channel wall switch can control multiple RTS products individually and as a group. In addition to the 4 individual channels, you can create temporary groups by selecting a combination of the 4 channels. The relevant led’s are pressed to select a temporary group, then the direction or stop button is pressed to operate the blinds. The command signals are sent consecutively to each channel, with the corresponding channel led blinking during operation.

The three control buttons provide raise, lower and stop control functionality. A favourite position can also be programmed and recalled at the touch of a button (‘my’ button).




Situo hand-held remotes offer convenient and simple operation of every type of motorised application. Single channel remotes can operate one individual product or one group of motorised products.


  • Use the single channel to operate the motorised blinds above your sink.
  • Use the single channel to operate the group of motorised roman blinds in your dining room, to raise and lower them at the same time.



Five channel remotes offer more functionality because they offer an additional
5 channels of control. Each channel can still operate one individual product, such as a single motorised curtain, or one group of motorised products, such as all the motorised blinds on the first floor. With a total of five channels, you can set the preferences that suit your life.


  • Use channel one for your motorised curtain.
  • Use channel two for the motorised roman blind in your living room.
  • Use channel three for the motorised Curtains in your dining room.
  • Use channel four for the motorised roller blinds in the kitchen.
  • Use the fifth channel as a master to activate all of your motorised products.

Telis Chronis RTS combines the functionality of a hand-held control with the convenience of a programmable timer.

  • Quick Set Feature allows you to easily program or change the automatic operation of motorized applications with a brief button press.
  • Schedule one open and one close function per day with the automatic mode.
  • Different scheduled operation available for weekends and weekdays.
  • Offers a manual mode which disables the timed functions and allows you to use it as a remote anytime.
  • Comes factory pre-programmed with default time 7:30am OPEN, 8:00pm CLOSE,so if this schedule suits you, you can start using your timer right away.
  • Can be hand-held or stationary on a wall using the included wall mount clip.

Timer features allow you to really make your motorized products work for you!


  • Schedule your bedroom window coverings to open at 7am during the week and at 8:30am on weekends to enjoy a leisurely morning
    in bed.
  • Or if your have a flexible schedule, use the two different schedules on days that work best for you.
  • Utilise the manual mode at any time to simply open or close your curtains, regardless of set schedules, without losing them.

TaHoma Home Hub

TaHoma® makes running your home more comfortable, more secure and more economical

You can operate the TaHoma® interface via the internet on a computer, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to have touch control of curtains, blinds, lights, electrical equipment, heating, garage doors and gates, etc regardless of where you are – in the house, on holiday or at work.

Control multiple devices at once with scenario settings and personalise your TaHoma home automation system with smart programming features that ensure your home always works to your schedule. It’s also compatible with expert partner systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips Hue, Sonos and Velux and over 100 Somfy RTS & io homecontrol products.

Product benefits

The TaHoma® Box radically simplifies control in the house
– Easily control your home whether you’re home or away with the TaHoma® interface.
– You customize your smart home, at any time, so you stay in control.

Somfy wireless smart home system, TaHoma compatible with any configuration: newbuild or renovation.
– It is easy to install without major structural work, whatever your project.

Somfy smart home system, TaHoma, adapts as your needs and your budget change.
– You can add new devices to your installation whenever you want.




How does it work?

A simple press of a button on a remote control or wireless wall switch sends out a radio wave signal to move any motorised interior or exterior window coverings with ease. There is no need to point or aim the transmitter because RTS is omnidirectional and operates within a range of up to 65 feet. And just like a garage door opener, the radio waves travel through walls, making control of motorised products easier than ever.


What are channels and groups?

Did you know?

Window coverings powered by Somfy can be integrated with total home control systems. Somfy motors are compatible with third-party home automation systems, allowing the user to access and control their motorized window treatments from their home automation remote, touch-screen, wall panel or smartphone, which also controls lighting, security, HVAC and audio-video equipment.

The easiest home automation solution is provided by the Somfy Tahoma Home Hub, however if you already have a home automation system in place or are looking to specify something other than the Somfy Tahoma, there are lots of options available for you.

Integrating Somfy RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) motors with home automation systems.

Most home automation systems like Control4, Lutron, Loxon etc. have two possible switching capabilities that can be used to control Somfy RTS motors. These are RS485 or Volt-Free  (some have RS232 however you can get RS232 to RS485 Converters). We have two solutions for these switching methods.  The first one is for smaller installations of no more than say 4 motors. This is the Dry Contact Transmitter. This is a single channel unit that converts a Volt-Free switching method into an RTS signal that is recognised by the RTS motor. If more than 4 motors are being installed then we would recommend the use of the RS485 RTS Transmitter.  This unit has 16 Channels allowing either 16 motors for individual operation or using the channels for group commands (up to 8 motors for one channel). This unit takes the RS485 data line as a form of control and converts it to RTS to control the motors.

If you are wanting to use the Irismo battery powered track, then this is the solution you will need to specify.

Before ordering we would recommend finding out the capabilities of the home automation system in question. Can it provide Volt-Free switching and/or RS232/RS485?

Integrating Somfy WT (Wired Technology)  or DCT (Dry Contact Technology) motors with home automation systems.

Both the mains powered Movelite 35 and Glydea 60 Somfy motors can be specified with either WT (Wired Technology)  or DCT (Dry Contact Technology) motors.

The WT motor will switch the motor using the 230/240v supply integrated with your home control system.

The DCT motor is switched by a Volt-Free dry contact, provided by the home control system.

Before ordering we would recommend finding out the capabilities of the home automation system in question.

What is the difference between a wired control system?

In a wired system, the control point is connected to the motor by electrical wires which communicate your commands to the motor. This is the classic home automation solution. In this case, the control point is secured close to the motor (for example beside the motorised blind).

In the radio system, the commands are transmitted to the motor by means of radio waves. There is no electrical wiring between the motor and the control point. This is mobile and you can control your roller shutter from anywhere within a radius of 20 metres, even through a wall. Furthermore, installation requires less time and saves your walls from any damage. This is the simple and clean home automation solution.
NB: with Somfy, it is always possible to replace a wired installation by a radio installation.

Wired systems can be supplied as mains switching (240v) or dry contact switching.  If you do not want a radio controlled system or you are integrating into an existing wired control system please call us for a quote.

 What weight of curtain can the Somfy curtain tracks be used for?

Somfy have helped to simplify this by stating the weight suitability in the product title.  For the mains powered systems Movelite 35 is suitable for curtains up to 35KG  and Glydea 60 is suitable for curtains up to 60KG.  If you are looking for a battery powered system Irosmo 45 is suitable for curtains up to 45KG.

Are there any other factors that effect the weight of curtains that can be used?


Yes there are other factors that need to be considered.  Firstly for all motorised curtain tracks whether you are looking at Somy, Silent Gliss or any other systems.  The manufacturers guidance for weights will be based on the curtains being hung just beneath the curtain  rail.  All the manufacturers do no recommend that the curtain is fixed so it is rubbing on the track.

Secondly the weight limits provided are for straight curtain tracks.  For every bend that is added to the track then the maximum weight of curtains is reduced.  There is a weight guide we have provided below to offer some additional advice on this.


Here are some instructions for changing the end limits;
1. Take the curtains to their open limit
2. Hold Up and Down on the handset until the curtain jogs
3. move the limit to the desired position
4. Hold MY down until it jogs again
5. The new limit has been set

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Delivery Leadtimes:

Once an order has been placed and processed our customer service team will be in touch via email to advise a dispatch date and send a tracking link if available.  The lead-time information on all products is advised in the product description or product specification tabs on the product pages.  If you’d like us to check stock or advise delivery timings for a specific product please give us a call on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.

Whilst we will endeavour to fulfil our delivery promises once the goods leave our warehouse we do rely on 3rd parties to fulfil their obligations.  We therefore recommend that a fitter or decorator isn’t booked until the goods are safely in your hands and have been checked for damage and any missing items.  We cannot be held responsible for any fitter or decorator cancellations.

Please refer to our Returns page for information on returning a product.

Prior to ordering!

We hope that you are delighted with your purchase.  To reduce the likelihood of having to return a product, we do recommend paint sample pots, wallpaper and fabric swatches are ordered prior to ordering the full sized items.  We can also send out ring samples, colour toggles or off cuts of curtain poles / tracks to ensure the colour is right before you commit to order.  Please get in touch if we can offer any assistance.  Please email or call us on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.