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Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track

A Silent Gliss curtain track or Metropole is a great solution for a bay window.  Silent Gliss curtain tracks are available hand drawn, corded or motorised so offer versatility in their functionality.  The tracks are bent in the factory to your measurements so are ready to install upon delivery.

Please view our YouTube video that talks you through the measuring process.  Download our measuring form here.


Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track
Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track
Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track

Steps to take in measuring for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure curtain track.

Track length:

In order to get a quotation from our website, or to place an order, you will need to know the total track length.  This is simply the total of each side of your bay added together in centimetres (including any return walls if you would like your track to return to the wall so the curtains sit outside the bay window).  For a gradual curve it’s best to use a flexible tape measure and measure around the circumference of the curve.  We can then cross check this measurement once we have generated a diagram of your curve on the Silent Gliss software.

Please see below a diagram showing a bay window with and without returns.  This diagram uses the actual measurements from the bay window shown in the video.  You will notice that the angles are different either side.  This is very common in bay windows as often the walls are not straight!  The top diagram shows the track without any returns, and the bottom diagram includes returns so the curtains will sit on the return walls.

Wall Measurements or Back of Track Measurements:

We will need to know where you have measured.  For wall fixing we recommend that you measure along the walls / windows and the Silent Gliss software will project the track to allow room for the brackets to be installed.  For ceiling fixing you can either measure along the walls / windows as close to the ceiling as possible and we can either input the standard ceiling fix bracket projection into the software, or you can advise how far away from the wall you would like the back of the track to be.  Alternatively, for ceiling fixing, you can take the measuring points from where you would like the back of track to be fitted.  If you decide upon this option we recommend you template out the track on the ceiling for accuracy.

This diagram shows the wall measurements (black lines) and the Silent Gliss software has projected the track away from the wall to allow space for the Universal wall fix brackets.  So the track will be made as per the red line to allow room for the universal brackets to be installed.

This diagram shows the back of track measurements so no projection will be made for the brackets.  The black line in this example is the back of the track.


When ordering you will need to specify which brackets you would like.  The options are detailed on all the curtain track product pages, and the bracket dimensions are detailed on the “Bracket Information” tab on the product page.  When specifying your brackets please ensure you take into consideration any projection required for door or window handles, wide windowsills or radiators below windows.  If you wish for your curtains to sit in front of the windowsill you will need to ensure the track is projected far enough away from the wall / window so that the curtains fall nicely in front of the windowsill.

The diagrams below show how the track is projected further away from the wall if you amend the bracket option.  The diagram on the left is with the universal brackets (35mm projection), the middle diagram uses the long brackets (50mm projection) and the right diagram uses the extra long brackets (65mm projection).

Cross Diagonal Measurement or Angles:

Once you have measured the side facets of your bay, you will then need to either measure the cross diagonal measurements or the angles of your bay.  It is best for 2 people to take the cross diagonal measurements for accuracy.  Please ensure that all the measuring points are taken from the same place, so point A remains the same location for all measurements taken from point A.  Alternatively you can supply the angles.  Silent Gliss have an easy to use angle measurer which can be ordered here.

Please view our YouTube video on how to use the Silent Gliss Angle Measurer.

Baseline Measurement:

The baseline measurement is the imaginary line across the front of your bay window.  This is needed as the Silent Gliss software works this out mathematically based on either the cross diagonal measurements or the angles so is a good sanity check that the measurements are correct and within the manufacturing tolerances allowed.  We allow a 2cm tolerance on the baseline measurement.  Once we put your measurements through the software, if the baseline measurement is outside of this tolerance we will ask you to re-measure.  It could be a side facet is out slightly, or one of the cross diagonal measurements that is throwing the baseline measurement out of tolerance.

90 degree / Square Bays:

If you have a 90 degree / square bay we don’t need the baseline measurement as this will be the same as the back of the bay.

Bend Radius:

The bend radius tells us how tight the bend will be.  The bend radius information is detailed as a gallery image on each of the curtain track product pages.  The bend radius on the Silent Gliss 1080 track is 100mm, which gives a tighter bend than on a curtain track with a 200mm bend radius, such as the Silent Gliss 6840 curtain track.  Please see below the diagrams that demonstrate this.  The 1080 is shown on the left hand side and the 6840 is shown on the right hand side (both projected with standard wall brackets).

Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track

Wave Curtains

Silent Gliss offer a range of curtain tracks that can be bent that are compatible with the wave curtain heading style.  Please read our blog post for further information on wave curtains.  Depending on whether you specify 60mm or 80mm wave gliders the website will offer you the choice of the correct bracket size, compatible with your style of wave heading.  If you are ceiling fixing we will input the correct projection into the software to ensure the curtain sits far enough away from the window so the wave folds don’t rub on the walls / windows.  Please see below a diagram of a track that has been projected for an 80mm wave curtain.

Bi-Fold / Sliding Doors

Silent Gliss tracks are extremely popular fitted over large expanses of glazing.  The wave curtain heading style lends itself beautifully as a window dressing for bi-fold / sliding doors as it delivers a slim, neat stack back allowing as much light as possible to enter the room.

We have worked on projects where the client has put a 90 degree bend into a track so that the curtain sits on the side wall, taking the curtain away from the glazed area so as not to block off any light.  The stack back on a wave curtain is mathematically calculated so we can work out the optimum track length for you should this be of interest.

Please view some of our customer projects.

Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track
Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track

Layering / Double Tracks

We can bend 2 tracks for a layered look, which can be wall or ceiling fixed.  If wall fixing you will need to use the Silent Gliss Universal smart fix wall bracket (available in white or silver) to accommodate the 2 tracks.  For ceiling fixing, we will input a different projection on the front track to the back track to ensure there is enough room in between the 2 tracks for the curtains to sit without rubbing on each other.  Please let us know if you are planning on having a wave curtain so that we can make the correct projections to account for the folds on the waves.

Recess Fitting

We can also bend tracks for ceiling recess fitting.  The Silent Gliss 6243 is out best selling hand drawn, recess ceiling fit curtain track that can be bent for a bay window.

We can also bend a Blindspace Tracktrim profile (was called Reese profile) to house a Silent Gliss motorised curtain track.  Alternatively, the Silent Gliss 5600 motorised curtain track can be supplied for ceiling recess fitting.

Measuring a bay window for a Silent Gliss Made to Measure Curtain Track

Final Comments / Considerations!

  • Silent Gliss recommend bent corded tracks over 300cm are supplied in 2 pieces and therefore corded both ends.
  • The bend radius on a motorised track is 300mm so it is a gradual curve around a 90 degree bend.  Silent Gliss can only put 2 bends or a gradual curve in a motorised track.  A motorised track can’t have reverse bends.
  • If you have a radiator in the centre of your bay, it is possible to have a different projection on the centre facet than on the side facets.  This would just need to be detailed on your measuring form so that we can inform the factory.


Silent Gliss hand drawn and motorised tracks are supplied up to 6m as a single track (we recommended bent corded tracks are supplied in 2 pieces over 300cm) and are delivered mounted onto a sturdy, wooden frame with protective tube packaging around the track to reduce the risk of transit damage.  The majority of the bent tracks we supply arrive in perfect condition but should a track become damaged in transit please ensure a photograph is taken and the goods are signed for as damaged, so that we can raise a claim with the courier.  Please email the details to us and we can arrange for a free of charge replacement to be sent out to you.  Please retain the brackets, fixings and finials (for Metropoles) as these will be packaged in a separate box and won’t need to be re-sent.

Complimentary Bespoke Design Service

If you need any inspiration or help with a window dressing for a bay window, we offer a complimentary bespoke design service.  Face to face appointments are available from our showroom in Brockenhurst, alternatively we offer virtual appointments via Zoom so we are able to see your environment and get a feel for your style.

Please get in touch if we can offer any advice or help with your project.  A member of the sales team are always at the end of the phone to help with any queries.  Please call us on 01590 615775 or email and we will be delighted to help.

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