Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks

silent gliss curtain tracks

Exceptional Quality Curtain Tracks

Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks are superb, offering exceptional quality at good value prices. All of these tracks come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty and everything you need to put your track up. The only thing that isn’t included are curtain hooks (please see accessories at the bottom of the individual product pages to add a pack to your basket).

We sell a wide range of Silent Gliss curtain tracks offering different functional features from light weight uncorded tracks suitable for voiles or light curtains, to heavy weight uncorded tracks suitable for interlined, heavy curtains; corded curtain tracks; tracks suitable for ceiling recess fitting; electric curtain tracks (please see Silent Gliss Autoglide) to the full Silent Gliss Metropole range.

Please read our blog post that will help you navigate to the right curtain track for your requirements or please call us on 01625 449039 if you would like any advice, recommendations or have any questions.

Silent Gliss Made to Measure Tracks for Bay Windows

All of the Silent Gliss tracks can be bent in our factory by our skilled technicians for bay or L shaped windows. The tracks can also be reverse bent so can come back out onto the return walls.

Silent Gliss Wave Heading

Silent Gliss is famous for its wave heading glider system. The wave gliders give a neat fold to your curtains for a really polished look. This look is particularly popular for contemporary interiors to create a designer look. It is very popular for use at bi-fold doors and extra wide windows. The Silent Gliss 3840 track and Silent Gliss 6243 track are compatible with the wave heading system. Please contact us if you would like a quotation for a track with wave gliders. Alternatively, please see our Silent Gliss Metropole page as all the Metropole tracks are also compatible with the wave glider system.

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silent gliss made to measure curtain tracks