Curtain Tracks Suitable for Bi Fold Doors and Extra Wide Windows

This page is dedicated to our entire range of extra long metal and plastic curtain tracks and curtain rails suitable for hanging curtains in extra large windows and in front of patio or bifold doors.

Extra Long Curtain Tracks

Many of our curtain rails in this section are available in lengths of up to 600cms (236.22 inches) and include tracks which can be ceiling fixed, corded or uncorded, standard pre-packed curtain tracks and made to measure curtain rails.

Longer track lengths can be achieved if needs be by joining certain 600cms tracks together (please enquire for further details).

Our clever filter navigation allows you to filter through our range by specification such as ceiling fixing, corded tracks and colours to help you quickly find the right curtain track for your windows.

Choosing Extra Long Curtain Rails

Metal rails often carry heavier curtains and last longer due to the robust designs and components used. The tracks ability to support heavy curtains also depends on the profile thickness of the track and quantity of support brackets supplied.

Plastic curtain rails have all the same practical fitting capabilities as the metal tracks. If heavy curtains are to be hung, we would recommend adding extra brackets, giving the plastic track support.

Each curtain track has its recommended support weight which we list on each product page.

Our brands for extra long curtain tracks include Silent Gliss, Integra and Swish.

If you require any extra help or advice regarding this product, then please contact us on  and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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