Silent Gliss Autoglide

silent gliss autoglide

The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 electric curtain track is ideal for extra security, ease of operation or just a simple touch of luxury! It is available in 4 models:

The Silent Gliss Autoglide Basic model which features an ON/OFF switch to automatically open and close your curtains. Timer model which allows you to set predetermined times to open and close your curtains. This is excellent if you are going away and leaving your house empty for a period of time. Remote control allowing you to open and close your curtains from the comfort of your own bed or sofa! Total control model combining both the timer functionality with a remote control option as well.

We make the Silent Gliss autoglide 5100 tracks to your exact length and delivery is within 3-4 working days of your order confirmation. We can also bend the tracks for bay windows. Please note we can only put 2 bends in the electric tracks.

The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 curtain track is also suitable for wave gliders

Silent Gliss is famous for its wave heading glider system. The wave gliders give a neat fold to your curtains for a really polished look. This look is particularly popular for contemporary interiors to create a designer look. It is very popular for use at bi-fold doors and extra wide windows. Please contact us if you would like a quotation for an electric track with wave gliders.