Double and Triple Curtain Tracks

Our selection of double and triple curtain tracks are supplied ready to fit and enable you to hang multi layered curtains. We offer a large range of colours and exciting designs to suit all style interiors as well as straight or bendable double tracks which can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling. The Cameron Fuller collection are available in extra long lengths to cater for windows of all sizes.

Double Curtain Tracks

Above we have listed our range of double curtain tracks and rails which are available in a selection of colours including whites and creams, to greys and slates.

Why Use Double Tracks and Rails

Double curtain tracks allow you to hang two sets of curtains at the same window, one pair of main curtains on the front track and a second pair of curtains or a light weight sheer or voile on the rear curtain track.
The curtains housed on the front track are used as the main set which open and close the same as a regular pair of curtains, while the voile on the back curtain rail obstructs the view from the outside in for privacy while still allowing natural daylight into the room.

This system also helps to prevent fading to furniture and carpets as the sunlight entering the room is diffused by the voile or sheer curtains.

Alternatively, the front pair of curtains can be neatly folded and dressed into position, and the back curtains can be used as the functioning set curtains.

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Our tracks can be wall or ceiling fixed and are ideal for hanging light to heavy weight curtains on either the front or back track.

If you require any extra help or advice regarding double tracks, please call us on  and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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