Corded Curtain Tracks

Our full range of corded curtain tracks are listed below.  You can further refine your search using the filters on the left hand side and can filter by material, brand and functionality so if you have a requirement for a bay window, extra wide window or bi-fold door or are looking for a track suitable for a wave curtain use our filter navigation to help you find the right track for your requirements.  For help on choosing the right Silent Gliss curtain track for your requirements please refer to our blog post.

Why use a Corded Curtain Track?

Corded curtain tracks are particularly useful if you have light coloured or delicate fabrics such as silk, as the cord enables you to open and close your curtains without touching them, prolonging the life of your curtains.

Corded curtain tracks are also an ideal solution to dressing extra tall windows or windows on stairways, or where the curtain is hard to reach such as behind a sofa as the cording mechanism is used to open and close the curtains rather than pulling them from the bottom edges which can cause damage to the curtain track and gliders.

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Useful things to note:

Please check the product specification tabs for weight guidance on the corded curtain tracks.  We recommend straight tracks over 4m, or bent tracks over 3m are corded both sides.  This would also be recommended if your curtains are on the heavy side.  A track corded both sides will be supplied in 2 pieces, meaning each curtain operates independently.  This takes the strain off the cording mechanism.

Most corded tracks have overlap arms which ensure the curtains slightly overlap in the centre. As the corded system is attached to the overlap arm, the rest of the runners or gliders are free to operate within the same channel.

We can make the Silent Gliss tracks to your exact measurement at no extra cost.  You can also specify which side you would like the cord to go on.  Alternatively, a pre packed Swish, Universal or Rolls curtain track can be re-corded to the left or to the right hand side.

Our Brands

We sell corded tracks from the leading brands including Silent Gliss, Swish, Universal and the Hallis Hudson Rolls brand.  You may wish to consider a Silent Gliss Corded Metropole track, which has the functionality of a curtain track but looks like a curtain pole