Silent Gliss Colorama Dimout

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Silent Gliss Colorama Dimout Fabric

Colorama Dimout features a colour matched reverse for a uniform appearance inside and out.  It also has proven acoustic properties, helping to absorb sound which can be advantageous in large open plan living spaces.  It is a wide width fabric and is available up to 315 cm wide in a range of contemporary colours, complementing modern interior design colour schemes and styles.  We would always recommend a sample is ordered prior to purchase as colours can vary on screens.  Please see the Fabric Swatches tab to order any samples.  All Silent Gliss fabrics are dyed before being woven which provides increased colour fastness and reduced colour fading.


Silent Gliss’s Colorama Dimout fabric is suitable for use on:

  • Wave Curtains – 80mm wave curtains (please note due to the weave of this fabric Silent Gliss don’t recommend it for a 60mm wave)
  • Swiss pleat curtain heading style
  • Roman Blinds
  • Panel Glide Systems
  • Wintergarden Systems such as lantern windows

Curtain Application

Colorama Dimout lends itself beautifully to the wave curtain heading style.  Due to it being a wide width fabric if your curtain drop is less than the maximum fabric width we can make up your wave curtains without any joins for a seamless, polished finish.

We can also make up your curtains in the Swiss pleat heading style.  This delivers a soft, airy look and is less uniform than the wave curtain heading style.  You may wish to consider the Swiss pleat heading style if you prefer a more relaxed look or if space is limited (front to back) and there isn’t space for the depth of the folds on the wave curtains.  The Swiss pleat is also ideal if you are layering a voile curtain with a thicker fabric to sit in front of the voile.  The Swiss pleat is a simple, neat heading that sits nicely behind a wave curtain.

Silent Gliss’s Colorama Family

Silent Gliss’s Colorama 1 and Colorama 2 remain best sellers in the Silent Gliss fabric collection.  They have a uniform and stable weave which ensures high performance across a number of applications including curtains and blinds.  Silent Gliss have introduced multicolour Colorama 1 and Colorama 2 fabrics to complement the core fabric ranges and extend the fabric choice.  The multicoloured yarn adds depth and dimension to the visual appearance of the fabric and is a popular choice for wave curtains.

Colorama Eco are sustainable fabrics woven from exclusive Colorama Trevira CS eco yarn.  The fabric is made from 100% recycled pre-consumer polyester.

With the increase in large open plan living spaces, that typically feature a lot of hard surfaces such as stone or wooden floors and kitchen units, demand for fabrics which offer superior acoustic properties are gaining popularity.  We are also seeing ceilings getting higher and an increase in large expanses of glass which all help to bounce sound around a room.  Colorama Acoustic and Colorama Multicolour Acoustic are superb fabrics that offer superior acoustic performance and help to absorb sound.

Colorama Bioactive is made from Colorama Trevira CS Bioactive with inherent silver ions to deliver antibacterial properties.  These are ideally suited to healthcare environments.

Click here to view Silent Gliss’s fabric finder which is an excellent tool in helping you to find the best fabric to suit your requirements.

Colorama Dimout can be used for:

  • Wave Curtains – 80mm wave curtains (please note due to the weave of this fabric Silent Gliss don’t recommend it for a 60mm wave)
  • Swiss pleat curtain heading style
  • Roman Blinds
  • Panel Glide Systems

100% Polyester

  • Flame retardant
  • Noise reduction
  • Sustainable

Download the Colorama Dimout Product Data Sheet for further technical information.

Please request any fabric samples by completing our contact form:

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    Click here for more information on the wave curtain heading style.

    Please view our range of wave curtain tracks compatible with the wave curtain heading style.

    Please get in touch if we can offer any help or advice with your project.  Please email or call us on 01509 615775.


    If you are looking for a less uniform curtain heading you may wish to consider the Swiss Pleat curtain heading style.  This simple curtain heading delivers a relaxed look.  If space is limited (depth wise) it may be worth considering as it is a slimmer curtain heading to the Wave style.  Please note due to the construction of the Swiss Pleat curtains we cannot put a lining on the fabrics.

    Curtain Tracks

    The Swiss pleat curtains will come with Silent Gliss 2C gliders sewn into the curtain heading.  It is advisable to order a Silent Gliss track compatible with 2C gliders at the same time as ordering the curtains.  Please ensure the track length matches the track / pole width when ordering the curtains.

    The below tracks are compatible and will come without any gliders on when ordered with the Swiss pleat curtains.

    Please note: if you are recess fitting the tracks to fit wall to wall, or ceiling recess fitting, we would recommend waiting until you have received your curtains before installing your track.  You will need access to the end of the track to feed the gliders and curtains onto the track.

    Hand Draw track options:

    Silent Gliss 6840 (round profile)

    Silent Gliss 6010 (slim round profile)

    Silent Gliss 6870 (square profile)

    Silent Gliss 6380 (flat profile)

    Silent Gliss 6465 (ceiling fix only)

    Silent Gliss 6820 (funnel profile)

    Corded track options:

    Silent Gliss 3840 (round profile)

    Silent Gliss 3870 (square profile)

    Ceiling recess tracks:

    Silent Gliss 6243

    Silent Gliss 6870


    The Swiss Pleat works well layered behind a wave curtain.  If ceiling fitting 2 tracks please order 2 tracks and position one in front of the other.  For wall fixing you will require the universal smart fix brackets to accommodate 2 tracks.  Here is a link to the 6840 double track.

    Triple Track Option (ideal for layering 2 Swiss Pleat curtains.  Please note this track isn’t compatible with the wave gliders)

    Silent Gliss Triple Track 6293

    Please refer to our delivery information page for information on our delivery charges.

    Delivery Leadtimes:

    Once an order has been placed and processed our customer service team will be in touch via email to advise a dispatch date and send a tracking link if available.  The lead-time information on all products is advised in the product description or product specification tabs on the product pages.  If you’d like us to check stock or advise delivery timings for a specific product please give us a call on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.

    Whilst we will endeavour to fulfil our delivery promises once the goods leave our warehouse we do rely on 3rd parties to fulfil their obligations.  We therefore recommend that a fitter or decorator isn’t booked until the goods are safely in your hands and have been checked for damage and any missing items.  We cannot be held responsible for any fitter or decorator cancellations.

    Please refer to our Returns page for information on returning a product.

    Prior to ordering!

    We hope that you are delighted with your purchase.  To reduce the likelihood of having to return a product, we do recommend paint sample pots, wallpaper and fabric swatches are ordered prior to ordering the full sized items.  We can also send out ring samples, colour toggles or off cuts of curtain poles / tracks to ensure the colour is right before you commit to order.  Please get in touch if we can offer any assistance.  Please email or call us on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.

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