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February 2021 Colour of the Month – White

Our colour of the month in February is White. It is a true winter colour reminiscent of snow drops, frosty days and flurries of snow. It creates an air of calm and peace in a room and brings a purity and lightness to any space.

February 2021 Colour of the Month – White

It is often a favourite of architects and is regularly used in minimalist schemes. White enables stunning architectural features such as unique window shapes and sizes to shine allowing the eye to be drawn to the design of a room and the layout. White walls work framing and offsetting a striking work of art or a featured light fitting in a room.

It is effective in spaces with clean simple lines and in areas which are preferred to be kept uncluttered. It creates a soothing feeling of calmness and clarity. It is excellent for bedrooms, summer homes and office spaces. The softer whites are perfect for living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms.

Brilliant white and pure white are winter colours however, there are now many softer tones of white including cooler oysters and warmer ivories and pale creams. The current trend is to find hues of white with the same undertones as the complimentary colour or colours being used in a scheme.

Little Greene have created a collection of whites to compliment their colour range in an array of shades. This includes Loft White (222) which is almost a pure white recommended to be used in place of a brilliant white and White Lead (74) which is from Little Greene’s Georgian collection, an aged creamy white named after lead carbonate the original house painting pigment. They also offer Shirting (129) which is a classic heritage pure white based on natural minerals and Flint (236) which is the perfect choice if you are creating a warm scheme. This is the perfect choice for living spaces bringing a gentle softness to the room.

Harlequin Mirador Lorenza Wallpaper
February 2021 Colour of the Month – White

Little Greene also offer a range of complimentary wallpapers including Pavona Wallpaper in Blanche complimenting Flint (236) and Belton Scenic Wallpaper in Oyster complimenting French Grey Pale (161) or Loft White (222) if  a brighter cleaner white is preferred.

February 2021 Colour of the Month – White
February 2021 Colour of the Month – White

For your made to measure curtains and roman blinds please see our blog Curtains and Roman Blinds – a hand made finish using designs from Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Scion and Zoffany amongst many others. Our curtains and roman blinds will add the ultimate window dressing to any space.

To create a light, airy and serene look a voile curtain made with the Clarke and Clarke Midori Voile in Polar or Ivory or alternatively the Silent Gliss Colarama 1 (Transparent) and Silent Gliss Colorama 2 (Semi-Transparent) in shades 400 and 410 are perfect for voiles to co-ordinate with a white colour scheme.

February 2021 Colour of the Month – White

To compliment your white colour scheme accessorise with Modern Country Wooden Curtain Poles with a choice of finials including the Floral Ball in brushed ivory or pearl.

Alternatively, you can select your shade of white from Jones or Farrow & Ball paint ranges if you choose the Jones Wooden 50mm Bespoke Painted Curtain Pole. If you would like to choose a particular RAL colour and tap into your creative side you can order a Rolls Unfinished Ball Wood Curtain Pole and paint it yourself in any shade. These are available in 28mm, 35mm and 50mm Diameter.

Depending on your room, lighting and personal preference white can be featured in numerous ways in your home or work space. It is a versatile colour with many hues. White brings an air of clean, crisp, sophistication and works beautifully with our featured trend this month Show home Chic.

However you choose to use shades of white in your colour scheme you can rest assured that it will add an air of calmness and stillness to your space helping you to feel more relaxed and peaceful whether at home or at work.

Please get in touch if you would like any advice, fabric swatches, paint cards, wallpaper samples or pole ring samples sent out to help you to make your selection.

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