Somfy Home Automation and Security

Over 50 years of innovation

From the first roller shutter motor, heralding the end of the crank handle, to smart home.  Somfy has spent the last 50 years assisting and making life easier for millions of users around the world. Day after day, we imagine for and with you the home of tomorrow, more comfortable, more responsible and safer. We create new solutions, reliable and sustainable, that improve the better life and well-being.

Please read our blog post for more information on the Somfy motorised curtain tracks.

By your side every day!

Improving your home should be a stress-free experience. The Home of Interiors will provide you with expert advice and guidance, before, during and after your project. Whether you need advice in advance of your project, assistance from a local installer or help in using any of our products, Somfy’s partners are by your side.

And because we know it’s important to stay in control of your time and budget, Somfy will always keep a close eye on its most important service: the development of innovative home solutions.

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