Somfy IZYMO™ Lighting Receiver on-off Dimmer io


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Somfy IZYMO™ Lighting Receiver on-off Dimmer io

The  IZYMO™  led dimmer receiver io micromodule is a radio receiver which can be used to dim LED lightbulbs. It is added in the flush-mounted box behind the switch, in a derivation box or at the bulb level, depending on your installation. No need to add new cables thanks to the io radio technology.  The receiver is controlled from one or several radio transmiter(s) to switch on/off or dim your lights remotely. You can continue using your existing wall switches (rocker switch or push button). Thanks to TaHoma or Connexoon, you will be able to control and check your lightings with your smartphone and your voice assistant.

Easy to install. Use in combination with the timer function in TaHoma to simulate presence in the home, giving you extra peace of mind.

✔️ Invisible – easy to install behind existing switch (design consistency)

✔️ Relax – always know whether your lights are on or off

✔️ Enhance – make your home even smarter

✔️ Installation – although the installation is very straight forward we advice using a professional installer


Depending on the different everyday situations, you may want different brightness levels for your accomodation.When you work, watch a movie or have dinner, the atmosphere of your room is adapted for an optimal comfort. Adjust the lighting according to the occasion in one gesture!


You can leave home and make sure that all of your lights are off thanks to the feedback provided by your devices. You no longer need to spend time checking every room… That’s one less thing to worry about every morning!


You can make your home come to life whenever you want by turning the light on or off or launching the ‘presence simulation’ scenario via TaHoma. The shutters of your living room open and close, and the entrance lighting goes on and off. This makes it look like you’re at home, even if you’re actually at work or on holiday – giving you complete peace of mind thanks to the product feedback.


Using Amazon’s voice assitant, you can change the look and feel of your living room in the blink of an eye. “Alexa, turn on movie night.”… In seconds, the shutters go down, the main light is dimmed to 40% and mood lighting comes on – creating the perfect ambience for watching a movie!


The wall switches remain uniform and fonctional throughout your home, just add a micro module behind for connecting and controlling a light from a remote control or your smartphone. No need to change your existing lights either!


With TaHoma and its dedicated application, turn on/off or dim your lights in one click from your smartphone without leaving your couch.


Thanks to TaHoma and io-homecontrol technology, you can receive feedback from your devices so you knowif they are actually turned on to a specific percentage or off.


Once connected to TaHoma, you can use your voice assistant (Google Home and Amazon Echo) to control your IZYMO™ receivers and all your other Somfy and partners products.

Technical specifications:

  • Compatible with push-buttons
  • Fits in 50mm-depth flush-mounted boxes
  • Max. power: Halogen 100W, 220-240 dimmable LED bulb 100W
  • Settings: type of switch, status after power cut
  • Radio range: 250 m in open space
  • Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 13 mm
  • Requires neutral
  • Position feedback
  • Warranty: 5 years

The Izymo Dimming Lighting Receiver is compatible with TaHoma

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