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Thermal Linings Explained

As the temperatures drop and we start to notice those beautiful, crisp, cold mornings, drafts around windows and doors become more prominent.  With the current increase in energy prices we are being asked more frequently about thermal linings and how to make our homes more energy efficient.  Different lining options are explained below for various window treatments and some suggestions on how to retain heat in our homes this winter.


Adding curtains to your window or door will help to reduce drafts and any lining will add another layer to prevent the cold entering the room and the heat escaping.  Some linings have however been specifically designed to offer additional thermal properties.

Thermal linings are treated with a coating (1 pass) to give them heat retention properties to help reduce drafts around windows and doors keeping you cosy on a cold night.  A thermal lining will also help to retain the heat in the room.

Blackout linings are thicker than thermal linings as they are treated with a 3 pass coating.  An additional layer is added during the manufacturing process of the lining to give the lining its blackout property.  Blackout linings offer excellent insulation properties helping to conserve energy.

Thermal and blackout linings also offer sound insulation helping to dampen noise, which can be particularly useful in a room with high ceilings or lots of hard surfaces to help improve the acoustics of the room.

Interlining Interlining curtains comprises of an extra piece of fabric that sits between the curtain and the lining.  This can be added to standard lined or blackout lined curtains.  The interlining acts as padding to increase the thickness and weight of the curtains for a fuller appearance. This also improves their drape and hang.  Interlining also offers increased privacy, provides an additional protective light barrier, and helps to retain warmth by trapping the air in between the layers.

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Roman Blinds

Adding a roman blind to your window is another option to help reduce drafts around your windows and retain heat.

We offer the option of adding a thermal lining to your roman blind to further help to conserve energy.

Bonded Linings Adding a bonded interlining or bonded blackout interlining to your specification will deliver a fuller, more luxurious look to your roman blinds.  A bonded interlining uses a sateen lining on the outer side, bonded to a sumptuous, fleece padded lining (on the inside) for improved body and drape.  We prefer to use bonded interlinings for blinds rather than an extra padded layer that we use for curtains, as it delivers a neater finish with sharp and crisp pleats.  The addition of a bonded lining also helps to reduce drafts and retain warmth.  A bonded interlining adds weight to the blind, which results in a more luxurious, polished look.

Our bonded blackout interlining will offer increased energy efficiency than our standard bonded lining as it has an extra layer added during the manufacturing process of the lining to deliver the blackout property.


Layering window treatments will also help to conserve energy and further reduce drafts and heat escaping.  Popular options include:

  • Adding a separate lining layer or adding a voile / semi sheer curtain behind your main curtains.  Click here to view our double curtain poles and double and triple curtain tracks that will accommodate the extra layers.  The Jones Triple Track has been designed so that you can add an additional lining layer to your window treatment.  Please view our YouTube video for further information.  The lining layer can be removed during the summer months if not required.
  • Featuring a roman blind in front of a roller blind is another popular option.  The roller blind is often fitted inside the window recess with the roman blind being fitted in front of the roller blind inside the recess or on the wall outside the window recess.
  • Layering a roller blind inside the window recess with a roman blind on the outside of the recess offers shading and privacy flexibility during the day.  The additional layer will also help to conserve energy.
Thermal Linings Explained
Rolls Neo 19mm-28mm Double Curtain Pole Clear Faceted Ball
Thermal Linings Explained
Thermal Linings Explained

Door Curtains

We offer a range of Laura Ashley thermal lined door curtains that will help to reduce drafts around doors to help conserve energy.  These curtains feature a thermal lining that helps to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer.  A single curtain panel is supplied that measures 168cm wide x 213cm drop.

A standard curtain pole or curtain track can be used to hang the curtain or shop our range of Portiere Rods that have been specifically designed for door curtains.

Thermal Linings Explained

The Home Of Interiors Tips

Consider Ceiling Fixing and Floor Length Curtains

If you are able to ceiling fix a curtain pole or track this will help to reduce drafts coming in around the top of your curtains.  Floor length curtains will also help to retain warmth and keep out the cold.

Consider a Wider Curtain Pole / Track or Roman Blind

If you are fitting your roman blind outside your window recess consider making the blind slightly wider to reduce the draft coming in around the sides of the blind.  Fitting a blind within the window recess (wall to wall) will help retain heat around the edges of the window.  We do however recommend deducting 1cm from the wall to wall measurement to ensure the fabric doesn’t rub on the side walls.

Extending the length of your curtain pole or track will also help to reduce drafts coming in around the edges of the window or door.

Curtain Heading and Curtain Tracks

A curtain heading requiring curtain rings such as a pencil pleat or pinch pleat will enable you to fix your curtain closer to the window which will enhance energy efficiency.  The brackets on a curtain track have a shorter projection than a curtain pole so will ensure the curtain sits closer to the wall helping retain heat.

Please read our linings explained blog post for further information on our linings and options for your made to measure curtains and roman blinds.

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