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Silent Gliss Q&A: what is the difference between the Silent Gliss 6840 and Silent Gliss 6010 track?

The Silent Gliss 6840 and 6010 curtain tracks are both high-quality, hand drawn tracks that are designed to provide a smooth and quiet operation. Please see below the differences between the 2 tracks:

  • Size: The Silent Gliss 6840 track is 21mm in height, while the Silent Gliss 6010 track profile is 16mm in height.
  • Color: The Silent Gliss 6840 track is available in a variety of colours including white, Matt White, silver, anodic grey, antique bronze, charcoal and black. The Silent Gliss 6010 track is only available in white and black.

Both tracks are available with the quiet 2c standard gliders, roller gliders (recommended for heavier curtains) and wave gliders which are required for the popular wave curtain heading style.  They are also both supplied with the ceiling fix clamp style brackets for a neat and flush ceiling fix, and smart fix brackets for wall fixing.  Please note for standard or roller gliders and wall fixing the Silent Gliss 6840 track is supplied with a nylon bracket (only available in white) as standard.  Smart fix brackets are also available colour matched to the track profile.

Silent Gliss Q&A: what is the difference between the Silent Gliss 6840 and Silent Gliss 6010 track?

Now Available in Black!

To complement darker doors and window frames the Silent Gliss 6840 and 6010 tracks are now available in black to make a real design statement at your window.  Read our blog post on the Silent Gliss Black Launch for further information.

When ordering your 6840 or 6010 tracks you can specify between white and black gliders.  When black gliders are specified all track components will also be supplied in black for a cohesive look (please note the end caps on the actual track will match the track profile colour).  Black gliders and track components can also be supplied on other track profile colours on the 6840 track, working particularly well with charcoal or antique bronze.


Layering a Silent Gliss Swiss pleat curtain with a wave curtain is a great way to add depth and interest to your window treatments and offer shading and privacy throughout the day.  The Swiss pleat curtain will create a soft, relaxed look, while the wave curtain will add a touch of elegance.

To layer these two curtain styles, you will need to purchase two sets of curtains and 2 tracks.  For ceiling fixing simply order 2 tracks with ceiling fix brackets.  For wall fixing shop our range of double tracks.

The Silent Gliss 6010 track is ideal for a voile wave curtain or Swiss pleat curtain, layered with a Silent Gliss 6840 track supporting heavier curtains on the front track.

With a little planning, you can create a stunning window treatment that will add style and elegance to your home.  Here are some tips for layering your curtains:

  • Choose curtains in complementary colours or patterns.
  • Use a sheer or light-filtering fabric for the Swiss pleat or wave curtain on the back track and a heavier fabric for your curtains on the front track.
  • A light-coloured curtain layered with a dark-coloured curtain can create a striking contrast.
  • A sheer curtain layered with a patterned wave curtain can add visual interest to a room.
  • A sheer / voile curtain layered with a blackout wave curtain is a good option for bedrooms.


Silent Gliss Q&A: what is the difference between the Silent Gliss 6840 and Silent Gliss 6010 track?

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