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Sitting Room Client Project

Sitting Room Client Project

The Client Brief

We were delighted to be involved in a beautiful curtain project for a client’s stylish and contemporary sitting room. Our client came to The Home of Interiors looking for advice on a window dressing and track for their wide width living room doors.

They were looking for a wave curtain and track that would maximise the light entering the room when the curtain was open. The room is South East facing so it is very bright for most of the day.

A voile was not going to be dense enough to block the light when required, however, they wanted an overall airy light look and loved linen. They were looking for a fabric texture, colour and type that would work harmoniously with their existing colour palette and style of decor in their living room.

The Home Of Interiors Response and Challenges

Our client required us to narrow down the track choices as there are many options available. They knew that they liked the wave heading, so we offered several recommendations including the Silent Gliss 6840 and Metropole. As our client was looking for a floor to ceiling look, both of these options neatly fix to the ceiling and come in a wide variety of colour shades, offering a sleek and neat appearance to suit their existing style.

Curtain Track 

In result, our client chose the Silent Gliss 6840 track for their sitting room curtain project. This has neat clamp style brackets and is available in a Matt White finish. It is designed to sit neatly to the ceiling with its ceiling fix brackets. To maximise the light, we recommended that the track be fitted outside of the recess, therefore clearing as much of the glass as possible when the curtain was open. Our client decided to ceiling fit the track outside the recess which elongated the curtain length above the window. This offered a timeless and elegant appearance.


For the curtain fabric, our client specified their preference for a linen material. However, we advised that we usually recommend a linen look or linen mix fabric as pure linen does not tend to lend itself to sitting neatly in the wave shape.

We shortlisted some linen look fabrics that offered a similar appearance, whilst still sitting beautifully in the wave shape. We also discussed the thickness of the fabric. Our client knew that a voile would be too thin, however, they still wanted to maintain a light and airy feel with some light filtering through.

We discussed linings and whether lining the curtains would achieve the look the client was aiming for. The final result was achieved by leaving the linen look material unlined. The fabric they chose from the curated selection we sent was the Prestigious Textiles Viking in Oatmeal (see image opposite).

This fabric without lining allowed the natural light to filter into the room whilst still providing a degree of shading when the sun was bright (see main image above).

Prestigious Textiles Viking Fabric


For the curtain, our client opted for a wave curtain heading to really complement the modern style of their space. Wave curtains lend themselves beautifully to wide windows or doors, and are particularly popular across bi-fold or sliding doors and large expanses of glass.

Our client opted for an 80mm wave with 140mm hook spacing. They also chose a single curtain stacking to the left hand side where there was space for the stack depth. We recommended keeping the curtain clear of the glass as much as possible to maximise the light coming into the room (See image 1 and 2 below). The wave curtain heading offers a slim stack back, so it is an excellent choice for maximising light or if there is a limited space for a stack depth to sit.

Sitting Room Client Project
Sitting Room Client Project

In Conclusion

We loved helping our client with this stunning project and are delighted they were pleased with the end result. The curtain works beautifully with the overall scheme, whilst offering the functional benefits the client was looking for. If you’re embarking on a home project and would like any help, advice or inspiration, please do get in touch. Email or call us on 01590 615775 and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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