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Silent Gliss Q&A – which Silent Gliss gliders do I need to specify on my track?

There are some common questions we are often asked, so to help answer these questions we have pulled together a Silent Gliss Q & A video playlist on YouTube and category in the blog section of our website.  Click here for the full Silent Gliss Q&A posts!

We are always here to help though so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Please email your enquiry to or call us on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.

Q. Which Silent Gliss gliders do I need to specify on my track?

Some track profiles are only available with one type of glider.  Our best selling tracks with one glider option include the Silent Gliss hand drawn 1080 system which comes with standard gliders (now available in white and black) and the Silent Gliss hand drawn 1280 system which comes with roller gliders.  The 1280 track is recommended for heavy curtains.  For light to medium weight curtains we would recommend the 1080 track as the gliders can be noisy on the 1280 track if there isn’t enough weight on the gliders.

If you are considering a corded track the Silent Gliss 3000 track comes with standard gliders and the 3900 track is supplied with roller gliders.  We would recommend the 3900 track for heavy curtains.  Please check the weight guidance chart on the product pages.

Curtain Track Systems with an option of glider choice

For curtain tracks that offer a choice of gliders the most common options are:

Standard 2c Gliders – these are a quieter glider than the standard 3533 gliders supplied on some curtain track systems and are suitable for light to medium weight curtains.

Roller Gliders – the 6283 is the most common roller glider.  This glider features a wheel mechanism, that is hidden inside the track profile, to ease the open and closing of your curtains.  This glider is recommended for medium to heavy weight curtains.

60mm or 80mm wave gliders – these are required if you are considering wave curtains.  Please read our wave curtains Q&A blog post for answers to wave specific questions.

80mm wave roller gliders – for most domestic installations the standard wave gliders will be adequate for your requirements.  An upgrade to wave roller gliders is recommended for drops over 3m or for very wide windows with long drops or very heavy fabrics.

Please click on the glider tab on the product pages for further information.



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