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Silent Gliss Q&A – what is the difference between corded and uncorded curtain tracks?

We are often asked what is the difference between a corded and uncorded curtain track and when to choose one over the other!

Shop our range of Silent Gliss corded and uncorded curtain tracks.  The Silent Gliss Metropole is also available corded and uncorded.

Functionality Difference

Curtains on an uncorded curtain track are drawn by hand, whereas there is a side pull cord to open and close your curtains on a corded curtain track.  A draw rod is a popular accessory on hand drawn, uncorded tracks so you can open and close your curtains without touching them.

Advantages of a Corded Curtain Track

Corded curtain tracks are ideal if your curtains:

  • are in a location that is tricky to draw by hand.  For example if your curtains close behind furniture or a sofa a corded curtain track can make opening and closing your curtains easier.
  • cover a window over stairs – a cord operation can be advantageous if pulling the curtains by hand is difficult (please ensure your cord drop complies with the legislation and finishes 1.5m above the floor).
  • are drawing across tall windows a cord operation can make opening and closing the curtains easier.
  • are made up in a delicate fabric such as silk, or in a lightly coloured fabric, a cord operation can help to prolong the life of your curtains as you can open and close them without touching the fabric.

Corded Curtain Track Considerations

Silent Gliss recommend straight tracks over 4m and bent tracks over 3m are corded both sides.   Please note tracks corded both sides are only suitable for a pair of curtains as the tracks come in 2 pieces with an intermediate pulley housing system in the middle to join the tracks.

  • Curtain Weight – the weight of the curtains puts pressure on the cords so there are maximum weight allowances for corded curtain tracks.  Please refer to the Curtain Weight charts on the Product Specification tabs on the track product pages and check the weight of your curtains before ordering your track.
Silent Gliss Q&A – what is the difference between corded and uncorded curtain tracks?

Bay Windows

Corded and uncorded curtain tracks can be bent for bay windows.  Please read our blog post on how to order a bent curtain track.

Wave Curtains

Wave curtains can be featured on a corded or uncorded curtain tracks.  Shop our corded and hand drawn Silent Gliss curtain tracks suitable for wave curtains.  The Silent Gliss Metropole is a popular window dressing to feature wave curtains.


Silent Gliss Q&A – what is the difference between corded and uncorded curtain tracks?
Silent Gliss Q&A – what is the difference between corded and uncorded curtain tracks?

Ceiling Recess Tracks

Silent Gliss offer a range of hand drawn and corded tracks that can be ceiling recess fitted for an elegant, sophisticated look.


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