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The Home Of Interiors Roller Blinds Canvas

The Canvas roller blind fabric from New House Textiles brings a touch of timeless elegance and texture to your windows and is one of our best selling fabrics. Crafted from a heavyweight fabric with a subtle canvas weave, it gently filters the sunlight and will add privacy to your home.  100% polyester, it is a popular choice for all rooms in your home including humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.  The weave adds a touch of visual interest, elevating the look of plain roller blinds.  Available in a classic colour palette Canvas roller blinds seamlessly complement various interior styles.  A Canvas Blackout fabric is also available, ideal for bedrooms and media rooms.

Please note: due to variations in screen settings, prior to ordering your blind, we recommend requesting a fabric sample to ensure the perfect colour match for your home.  Please click on the ‘Fabric Swatches’ tab to order your samples.

Ordering a Roller Blind from The Home Of Interiors

At The Home Of Interiors we want to make ordering your bespoke, made to measure roller blind as easy as possible.  As you configure your blind, options will appear relative to your selections.  Please refer to the tabs above for further information, diagrams, images, videos and advice on the options available to ensure your roller blind is truly bespoke and fully meets your requirements.

Control Options:

As part of our extensive offer of blind systems, you are able to specify your roller blind with one of three control systems:

Upgrade to Somfy Motorised Roller Blinds

As a Somfy accredited retailer, we can offer the full range of Somfy motors.

Battery Operated – using the very latest battery and motor technology we can supply blinds that will operate for up to 12 months on a single battery charge.

Home Automation Integration – with just a couple of basic questions, we will be able to specify the correct motor solutions for your home automation project, so whether it’s wireless, low voltage or a mains switching system, we can find the correct motor for your blinds.

If you have any questions or need any advice please call our sales team on 01590 615775 (option 1) or email

Please note our bespoke blinds are all made to measure and cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty.

Where possible we have sourced our hardware and fabrics from UK manufacturers and UK businesses.  We are proud to be working with Louvolite for the vast majority of our hardware components.  Louvolite prides itself on manufacturing its own roller blind hardware in the UK. Their systems, designed and produced domestically, are known for high quality and durability, undergoing a 10 year lifecycle test. This ensures smooth operation and longevity for your blinds. From the brackets to the chain mechanisms, Louvolite offers a complete roller blind solution made in Britain.  You can read their full story by clicking here.

For guidance on providing measurements for a roller blind, please refer to our measuring guide by clicking here.


Fitting inside a recess:

During manufacture a 5mm deduction will be made to the width of the recess measurements provided.  This is to ensure the blind can be fitted inside the recess.  If you do not wish us to make this allowance then please select blind size and state the exact size of the blind.  Do not use fabric size when fitting inside a window recess.

Fitting outside a recess:

We recommend ordering using ‘blind size including brackets’ not ‘fabric size’.  Please note the fabric width will be 35mm-40mm narrower than the blind size, so please account for this when providing your measurements to ensure the fabric is wide enough for your requirements.

If ordering ‘fabric size’ this will be the width of the fabric and the blind system (including brackets) will be 35mm-40mm wider than the fabric size.

– All roller blinds are produced with extra fabric added to the drop, this is to ensure there is enough material to conceal the metal tube when the blind is fully closed.

– All items are cut to size and will be accurate with working tolerances and variances of +/- 5mm.

Multiple Blinds:  if you have roller blinds of varying widths and drops in the same room, please let us know in the comments section when ordering.  We can then review the specifications and can look to standardise the barrel diameters if required.  This will standardise the look of the blinds, and if motorised, ensure the blinds rise and fall at similar speeds.

Louvolite Bracket specifications

System 32 Bracket Specifications

System 40/45 Bracket Specifications  

System 65 Bracket Specifications

Child Safety


P-Clip Chain Retainer

Must be used with all continuous chains and fitted 150cm from the floor level.


Chain Break Joiners

Can remove the requirement for a P-Clip retainer and allows chains to finish 60cm above the floor level. Used as standard on all plastic chains.

See ‘Child Safety’ tab for further information.

Louvolite Spring Return is a blind operating system designed for use with blinds up to 2.5m wide. It uses a spring mechanism to balance the weight of the blind allowing you to adjust the position of the blind by hand.  The blind will stay in position until moved again.

Here are some key features of this system:

  • Smooth operation: The spring mechanism ensures the blind stays in position when lowered and raises again when some upward movement is applied to the blind.
  • Safe design: There are no chains or cords involved, making it a safer option for homes with children or pets.
  • Easy to use: Simply adjust the position by hand.
  • Compatible systems: This system works with Louvolite’s System 32® and System 40® roller blinds, which are suitable for blinds up to 2m (System 32®) and 2.5m (System 40®) wide.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly and safe way to operate your roller blinds, the Louvolite Spring Return system is a good option to consider.

Please note: this control mechanism is only suitable if you can easily reach the top and bottom of the blind.  All blinds come with a clear plastic handle that fits over the bottom bar to protect the blind fabric when adjusting the position of your blind.


All of our motorised roller blinds are supplied with Somfy motors who are industry experts in the category.

When ordering a motorised roller blind we need to know:

  1. How is your blind being powered?
  2. How is your blind being controlled?

How if your blind being powered?

  • Battery control – integrates seamlessly into the window covering of your choice.  The battery will only need charging twice a year.
  • 230V power supply
  • *Home control systems may require 12V or 24V

How is your blind being controlled:

  • Somfy Zigbee 3.0 – new technology
  • Somfy Radio Technology (RTS)
  • *Home Control System wired technology – WT
  • *Home Control System  dry contract technology – DCT

*Your AV company will be able to advise how your blinds will be powered and which control system you require to integrate your blinds with your home control system.

Somfy RTS vs Somfy Zigbee:

Somfy Zigbee 3.0 is the new technology from Somfy that offers more flexibility, versatility and integration than Somfy RTS.

RTS communicates omnidirectional whereas Zigbee offers bi-directional communication which offers some advantages:

  • The bi-directoinal feedback enables live product status / position of your blinds.
  • RTS that offers open / closed or open to the pre-set ‘MY’ position, whereas Zigbee offers 99 intermediate opening / closing positions for increased flexibility.
  • RTS has a fixed range up to 20m, whereas you can keep adding to the Zigbee mesh network for infinite reach.
  • Zigbee offers faster charging (and on screen information on your battery level) and utilises standard USB-c charges.
  • Zigbee enables us to offer enhanced after sales support by logging in remotely (with your permission) to the Somfy Professional platform so we can help identify and rectify any issues remotely.

Both Somfy RTS and Somfy Zigbee 3.0 are compatible with the Somfy TaHoma Switch which is a Smart Home Control to centralise and connect home equipment.  If integrating your Zigbee powered blind with the Somfy TaHoma Switch you do not need a remote control or wall switch for the set up.  This can be done from the TaHoma App.  If you have specified a Somfy RTS powered blind a remote control or wall switch will be required for set up.

Wall switches and remote controls are available for both Zigbee and RTS controlled blinds:

The Smoove 1 RTS

This wall switch makes a stylish statement, while offering all the benefits of a single channel remote. This battery-operated solution is easy to install and doesn’t require an electrician.

  • New timeless look, with interchangeable frames to match any room.
  • Surface-mount avoids cutting into drywall.
  • Completely wireless.
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Includes open, close and stop functions, and programmable ‘my’ button.
  • Located on a wall provides an ideal way to operate motorised products when entering or exiting a room.
  • Available in four decorative colour frames.

Smoove Origin 4 RTS

This multi channel wall switch can control multiple RTS products individually and as a group. In addition to the 4 individual channels, you can create temporary groups by selecting a combination of the 4 channels. The relevant led’s are pressed to select a temporary group, then the direction or stop button is pressed to operate the blinds. The command signals are sent consecutively to each channel, with the corresponding channel LED blinking during operation.

The three control buttons provide raise, lower and stop control functionality. A favourite position can also be programmed and recalled at the touch of a button (‘my’ button).

Remote Controls


Situo hand-held remotes offer convenient and simple operation of every type of motorised application. Single channel remotes can operate one individual product or be used to operate a group of motorised products simultaneously.


  • Use the single channel to operate a motorised blind above your sink.
  • Use the single channel to operate a group of motorised blinds in your dining room.  The blinds will raise and lower at the same time.

Five channel remotes offer more functionality because they offer an additional 5 channels of control. Each channel can still operate one individual product, such as a single motorised blind, or a group of motorised products, such as all the motorised blinds on the first floor. With a total of five channels, you can set the preferences that suit your lifestyle requirements.


  • Use channel one for one motorised blind in your kitchen.
  • Use channel two for two motorised roman blinds in your living room.
  • Use channel three for the motorised curtain tracks in your dining room.
  • Use channel four for the motorised roller blinds in the bedroom.
  • Use the fifth channel as a master to activate all of your motorised products.

Telis Chronis RTS combines the functionality of a hand-held control with the convenience of a programmable timer.

  • Quick Set Feature allows you to easily program or change the automatic operation of motorized applications with a brief button press.
  • Schedule one open and one close function per day with the automatic mode.
  • Different scheduled operation available for weekends and weekdays.
  • Offers a manual mode which disables the timed functions and allows you to use it as a remote anytime.
  • Comes factory pre-programmed with default time 7:30am OPEN, 8:00pm CLOSE,so if this schedule suits you, you can start using your timer right away.
  • Can be hand-held or stationary on a wall using the wall mount clip.

Timer features allow you to really make your motorised products work for you!


  • Schedule your bedroom window coverings to open at 7am during the week and at 8:30am on weekends to enjoy a leisurely morning
    in bed.
  • Or if your have a flexible schedule, use the two different schedules on days that work best for you.
  • Utilise the manual mode at any time to simply open or close your blinds, regardless of set schedules, without losing them.

Power Options

The most popular power options are Li ion battery or 230v mains power.  We do offer alternative power options and these are most commonly used if you are integrating your blinds with a home control system where you are supplying your windows with a 12v or 24v power supply. An overview of these options is provided below.


For our battery operated blinds, we also offer the option of adding a solar panel.  Although this will not totally eliminate the need to recharge your battery,  it will trickle charge the battery to increase the amount of time in between battery charges.  Please note, the effectiveness of the solar panel will be dictated by the amount of direct sunlight received.  South facing aspects will provide the greatest efficiency.

Other power options – 12v and 24v

TaHoma Switch Home Hub

Somfy TaHoma Switch makes running your home more comfortable, more secure and more economical.

You can operate the TaHoma Switch interface via the internet on a computer, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to have touch control of curtains, blinds, lights, electrical equipment, heating, garage doors and gates etc. regardless of where you are – in the house, on holiday or at work.

Control multiple devices at once with scenario settings and personalise your TaHoma home automation system with smart programming features that ensure your home always works to your schedule.  It is also compatible with expert partner systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips Hue, Sonos and Velux and over 100 Somfy RTS & io home control products.

Product benefits

The TaHoma® Box radically simplifies control in the house
– Easily control your home whether you’re home or away with the TaHoma® interface.
– You customise your smart home, at any time, so you stay in control.

Somfy wireless smart home system, TaHoma compatible with any configuration: newbuild or renovation.
– It is easy to install without major structural work, whatever your project.

Somfy smart home system, TaHoma, adapts as your needs and your budget change.
– You can add new devices to your installation whenever you want.

Home control system integration

Window coverings powered by Somfy can be integrated with total home control systems. Somfy motors are compatible with third-party home automation systems, allowing the user to access and control their motorised window treatments from their home automation remote, touch-screen, wall panel or smartphone.

A mounting profile is useful when fixing is not possible at the end of the blind.

  • Easy to install: the mounting profile can be installed quickly and easily.  To offer flexibility in fitting, the mounting profile is supplied with clamp brackets that can be fitted anywhere along the headrail.

Please note the mounting profile is an optional extra.


Both roller blind fascia and closed cassette systems offer a way to enclose and conceal the roller blind mechanism for a cleaner and more finished look compared to having an exposed roller tube.

Please watch our YouTube video above that explains all the options available.

Recess Fitting in a Blindspace Blind Box: please note the blind box is a separate purchase.  We do however need to know that your blinds are being fitting in the boxes so we can ensure the correct fixings are sent to you with your blind.   This question is asked under ‘Please select your roller blind preference’ as your specify your roller blind.

Please see the differences between the Fascia and Cassette options below:

Fascia System:

  • Simpler Design: A fascia system is essentially a decorative cover that is integrated into, or fits around the existing roller tube. It comes in various height options depending on the amount of coverage required.
  • Less Enclosure: The fascia doesn’t fully enclose the roller tube mechanism, but if fitting within a recess it stops light ingress above the roller blind tube.
  • Visibility of Roller Tube: The roller tube might still be visible from the front (depending on the size of your blind and fascia specified), and the tube will be visible when viewed from underneath.

Closed Cassette System:

  • Complete Enclosure: A closed cassette system is a box-like structure that completely surrounds the roller tube and operating mechanism.
  • Light Blocking: The cassette can improve light blocking by eliminating light gaps around the roller tube.
  • Blind Size Limitations: if you have a very long drop, and are considering a thick blackout fabric a fascia system may be a better option as the blind may become too large to fit inside a cassette.

Please note when a roller blind is enclosed in a cassette the fabric has to come off the back of the roller.

Fascia Options

Integrated Fascia:

This is an integral fascia system that is supplied as a complete unit with the roller blind.  This is available in two height options, 40mm and 70mm.  These fascia systems are available in three colours; white, black and anthracite grey. Alternatively the front of the fascia can be fabric covered with the roller blind fabric to create a truly co- ordinated look.

Capital Fascia:

The Capital Fascias offer a sleek and stylish finish to any blind and are a popular choice.  The Capital Fascia is available in two heights, 90mm and 120mm, and 6 contemporary colours to co-ordinate with your window or door frames; black, anthracite, white, brushed silver, champagne and cream (please note the 90mm option is only available in black, white, anthracite and brushed silver).

The Capital Fascia is suitable for concealing other blind systems, and curtain tracks, so is a good option if you would like to have a uniformed look across your windows.

The Capital Fascia can be shopped as a stand alone product on our website and is suitable for retro fitting around existing blinds or curtain tracks.  This fascia is also suitable for bay windows.

View the brochure and user guide here  or shop the Capital Fascia here.

Watch our YouTube video for further information on the Capital Fascia system:

Closed Cassette Options

Closed cassettes wrap fully around the roller blind, concealing more of the roller blind when viewed from below and are available in the following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Anthracite Grey

The cassettes can also be fabric covered, matching the fabric of your roller blind.

Two different sized cassettes are available.  The size of your blind will determine the optimum roller tube specified and this will dictate the size of the cassette supplied.  The specifications for both systems can be found in the technical brochures tab.  If you are ordering multiple blinds of different sizes for the same room please pop a note at the checkout to let us know and we will ensure the cassettes are all the same size for a uniformed look.

Reverse roll is not available in a closed cassette (fabric coming off the front of the roller).

The maximum drop will be dictated by the fabric selected, so for a very long drop (over 3m) please get in touch to confirm the suitability of your chosen fabric in a closed cassette.

Braids, Shaped Scallops, Decorative Rods and Pulls

Braid Options:

Scallop Options:


Decorative rods and finials:

All Colour Options

Please note, these pulls are for decoration only and are not used to lower the blind.

All Colour Options

Bottom Bar Options for Roller Blinds: Finding the Perfect Finish

We offer a variety of bottom bar options to complement your roller blinds and enhance their functionality. Watch our YouTube video above for an overview of the options available.

Fabric Pocket with Weight:

This is a popular option. It features a pocket at the bottom of the blind that holds a weighted bar. This provides stability and helps the blind hang straight.  Light filtering fabrics will have a stitched pocket and blackout fabrics will have a bonded pocket (to eliminate light ingress through the stitching). Benefits: Simple and effective at keeping the blind taut.

Fabric Covered Bottom Bar:

This option adds a decorative touch with an oval-shaped bar fully covered in the same fabric as the blind.  Benefits: Creates a cohesive look, ideal for those who want the bottom bar to blend seamlessly with the blind, whilst creating a very subtle design feature at the bottom of the blind.  This is our standard option.

Gemini Bottom Bar:

This metal bottom bar option is available in a choice of five colour options (white, black, silver, anthracite grey and chrome) and you can specify whether you would like the angled or smooth side visible. Benefits: Provides versatility, allowing you to create a more distinct design feature at the bottom of your blind by either selecting a complementary or contrasting colour bottom bar.

Round Bottom Bar:

This classic option utilises a round metal bar for a stylish look. Benefits: Offers a clean and timeless design, perfect for traditional or contemporary settings.  Available in white and silver.

Choosing the right bottom bar depends on your desired aesthetics and functionality. For a simple and functional option, the fabric pocket or fabric covered bottom bars are a great choice. If you prefer a more decorative look, consider the coloured Gemini bar or the round bar for a classic style.

The image below shows the fabric covered bottom bar which is the standard option.

Capital Fascia Bottom Bars

If you have ordered a Capital Fascia to conceal your blind, you can order a co-ordinating bottom bar available in 4 finishes; white, black, anthracite grey and brushed silver.

Side guides on roller blinds offer a couple of key benefits:

  • Light control and privacy: by keeping the fabric taut and close to the window frame, side guides prevent gaps that might let in light or allow people to see in. This is especially important for blackout blinds where maximizing light blockage is crucial.

  • Reduced flapping and damage: without side guides, especially on larger windows or with lightweight fabrics, the blind material can flap in the breeze. This can be frustrating, damage the fabric over time, and make it harder to control the amount of light coming in. The side guides act like a track, keeping the fabric rolled up neatly and preventing this flapping.

Side guides contribute to a cleaner look, better light control, and a longer lifespan for your roller blinds.

Please note: Side guides can only be supplied on blinds with a fabric covered bottom bar, so the option to add side guides will only appear if this bottom bar is specified.  This is needed to ensure compatibility of your blind with the side guides.


These brackets are universal for left hand or right hand, face fix or top fix – to suit the roller blind
brackets and they should be fitted with the screws supplied.

Universal Guide Wire Bracket



The guide wire bracket is fixed onto the face and will locate and fix into the base hole of the roller blind bracket – not the slot – on both sides with the supplied fixing screws.


The guide wire bracket is fixed to the back face of the roller blind bracket. This will then locate and fix into the back hole of the roller blind bracket (not the slot) on both sides with the appropriate fixing screw.

An allowance is required for the bracket to be fixed away from the back of the recess. This is dependant on what system is to be used:

System 32 – Allow 10mm

System 40 – No allowance

System 45 – Allow 5mm


Attach a barrel clamp (R8190) to one end of an appropriate length of guide wire. Feed it from the top and down through the hole in the base of the guide wire brackets.

Place the roller blind into its brackets and deploy it to the bottom position.

Feed the wire through the end cap slot and down through the top cover. Attach a barrel clamp over the guide wire and pull taught to suit the drop. Tighten the barrel clamp and cut off the excess wire. Slide fit the top cover over the base plate.

Base Plate and covers

Place and align the base plate and cover into the end caps and mark the correct position where it has to be fixed – this could be face or base fixed. Remove the top cover and then fasten the base plate with a No 6 screw.

Do this to both guide wires


For a conventional roller blind, in order to lower the blind, pull the rearmost length of chain downwards with a smooth and steady pressure. To roll the blind up do the same on the front length of chain.

For a reverse roll blind the opposite is true, to lower use the front chain and to raise, use the rear chain.


For chain operated blinds, the blind will be supplied with either chain break joiners attached to the operating chain, or a P Clip chain retainer that will need to be fitted to the wall.

Chain Break Joiners

Two chain break joiners are connected to the operating chain 200mm apart. This ensures that at least one of them will be in the vertical position ensuring they perform as required.  If excessive weight is applied within the loop a chain break joiner will break apart.  If a joiner comes apart then it will need to be re-connected. To re-connect, check the joiner for damage. If undamaged, re-connect the chain by inserting the last ball on the end of the chain into the larger hole of the joiner and push it into place.  A blind with a chain break joiner can be fitted with the chain finishing 60cm above the ground.

P-Clip Chain Retainer

Alternatively a P-Clip Chain Retainer can be supplied.  The bottom of the chain must then be fitted at least 150cm from the floor.  The P-Clip must then be secured on the wall.

Blindspace – Blind Box Profiles now with Patented Blindspace Roller Blind Brackets.

Designed to Disappear

Blindspace blind box profiles to conceal any type of blind, in any type of window. The unique Blindspace design provides millimetre precision and a better finished aesthetic than traditional building methods whilst saving you time in both design and installation.  

The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling can be prepared for manual or electric blinds and accessed for blind installation when construction work is completed. From the smallest windows to massive doors and skylights, our solutions are made to make any blind disappear. The alternative is surface-mounted products with visible side channels, cables or cords.

Multiple Configurations

Blinds are concealed in any of the following ways using Blindspace boxes.

  • Concealed inside the wall.
  • Concealed inside the ceiling, with the blind gap towards the window or towards the room.

Standard S Series

Blindspace S Series is new for 2022. It features the patented Blindspace Safety Hinge that secures the cover in place and can be installed in any direction, allowing for side boxes to hide blind side channels or guide wires. Popular in floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors, S Series can be installed to future-proof buildings to have the option for later installation of concealed blinds.

Features and Benefits

RAL Colour Matching

All Blindspace blind box profiles can be primed and painted on site, alternatively we can offer a colour matching service  to any RAL reference.  Either the entire box or just the hinged cover plate can be colour matched.  In most instances if the box is being fully recessed, it will only be the hinged cover plate that would need to be colour matched.  Both options are available when you specify the product above.  For the majority of colours a powder coating process is used, however for some special colours that are not available in powder coat, a durable wet spray paint will be applied.  The Standard profiles are supplied in RAL 9003 30% gloss.

Buy Blindspace blind box profiles online using our product configurator  – or call for assistance and advice.

Our prices are for a fully made to measure specification cut to your exact specification.  All our prices include end caps as standard.

Blindspace Blind Box Fitting Instructions

Headbox for Windows & Doors

Headbox & Side Boxes for Windows & Doors

Fitting Tips:

Blinds can be concealed inside the wall or inside the ceiling, with the blind gap towards the window or towards the room. The most common configuration in windows and doors, is to use a headbox only, however in rooms where blackout blinds may be required, Blindspace side boxes and bottom boxes are also frequently used.

As a general rule, blinds should be installed as close to the window as possible to minimize gaps on the sides of the blind. This increase privacy, reduce light coming in and warm air circulating to the room. With Blindspace side boxes, gaps can be eliminated and 100% blackout can be achieved.

It is important to allow for protruding door and window handles when configuring the blind gap close to the window.

Please note:  Due to the size and weight of these products we can only offer subsidised and not free shipping.  Shipping costs are detailed at checkout.

Please request any fabric samples by completing our contact form:

    Please advise your telephone number (this is optional and for our records only. We will not pass this onto any 3rd parties. Sometimes it is easier to call our customers to have a chat about their projects rather than email so it’s helpful to have a contact telephone number).

    Blind Systems

    System 32

    System 40

    System 40 – with Installation Profile

    System 45 with Easy Lift

    System 55 with Easy Lift

    Fascia Systems

    System 40 with 40mm Fascia

    System 40 with 70mm Fascia

    Capital Fascia 90 / 120mm

    Cassette Systems

    System 40 with Hybrid Closed Cassette

    System 45 with 40/45 Closed Cassette

    Guide Wires

    Guide Wire for system 32 45 and 45

    Blind Systems

    System 32

    System 40

    System 40 – with Installation Profile

    System 45

    System 55

    Fascia and Cassette Systems

    Fascia and Cassette Systems

    Guide Wires

    System 32 40 and 45 Guide Wire Fitting Instructions

    Please refer to our delivery information page for information on our delivery charges.

    Delivery Leadtimes:

    Once an order has been placed and processed our customer service team will be in touch via email to advise a dispatch date and send a tracking link if available.  The lead-time information on all products is advised in the product description or product specification tabs on the product pages.  If you’d like us to check stock or advise delivery timings for a specific product please give us a call on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.

    Whilst we will endeavour to fulfil our delivery promises once the goods leave our warehouse we do rely on 3rd parties to fulfil their obligations.  We therefore recommend that a fitter or decorator isn’t booked until the goods are safely in your hands and have been checked for damage and any missing items.  We cannot be held responsible for any fitter or decorator cancellations.

    Please refer to our Returns page for information on returning a product.

    Prior to ordering!

    We hope that you are delighted with your purchase.  To reduce the likelihood of having to return a product, we do recommend paint sample pots, wallpaper and fabric swatches are ordered prior to ordering the full sized items.  We can also send out ring samples, colour toggles or off cuts of curtain poles / tracks to ensure the colour is right before you commit to order.  Please get in touch if we can offer any assistance.  Please email or call us on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.