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The Swish Elements curtain pole in the Swish Elements range come as complete pole sets including finials, brackets, rings & the poles. They are available in a 28mm and 35mm pole diameters. There are also extendable poles and a bay pole kit available in the range. The poles come in satin steel, chrome, antique brass or graphite finish and there is a choice of 10 different finial styles to choose from. The brackets are extendable so you can adjust the distance the pole sits away from the wall. Top fix, passing and recess brackets are also available. Please note you will need to purchase these in addition to the standard pole kits.

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Extendable Curtain Poles

Extendable poles are also available in the range. Extendable curtain poles are available in a 25mm – 28mm diameter in the Swish Elements range. The benefit of an extendable pole is that it can be adjusted to fit your window without the need to cut the pole down. The smaller diameter pole moves inside the larger diameter pole enabling you to adjust the length to suit your requirements.

Bay Curtain Pole Solution

A 28mm bay pole kit is available in the Belgravia finial design in the 4 finishes.  The pole kit is suitable for 3 sided bays up to 400cm. The kit includes 1 x 200cm pole (for the middle section of the bay), 2 x 100cm poles (one for each side of the bay), 4 passing brackets (2 for each corner), 3 x standard brackets (1 for each end and 1 for the centre of the bay), 2 x bay knuckle joints, 4 x standard rings (2 for either side of each end bracket) and 36 passing rings. Bay pole return kits are also available. These bring the poles back onto the outer walls. The kit includes a 30cm length of pole, 2 passover brackets and 1 bay knuckle join. Please remember to order 2 return kits if you have 2 returns!