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The Swish Design Studio Metal Curtain Pole range, available in a 28mm and 35mm diameter, features 11 design led finial styles available in 4 different finishes; satin steel, chrome, antique brass and graphite. It offers flexibility as the poles are available with or without rings and with wall or ceiling fix brackets. You can also choose between the standard rings or luxury lined rings. Co-ordinating holdbacks are also available to complete the look.

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Bay Window Curtain Pole Solution

All of the finials in the Swish Design Studio range are available on the bay curtain pole kits. The bay window curtain pole kits are suitable for 3 sided bays and come in 2 different lengths: a 300cm kit is available and a 500cm kit.  Please view our YouTube video that shows you the products in more detail.

In both kits you will receive 3 standard brackets. 2 of these are to be positioned at the ends of the bay near the finials, and the other one is to be positioned in the middle of the pole on the centre section of the bay. You will also receive 4 passing brackets which are to be positioned either side of each bend. 2 corner pieces are also included. 4 standard rings are included in each kit, which are to be used at the ends nearest the brackets. The passing rings will then be used along the rest of the pole. You get 26 passing rings with a 300cm bay pole kit and 46 with a 500cm kit.

With regards to the curtain pole lengths.  In a 300cm kit there are 4 x 75cm poles.  We anticipate 2 are used for the sides (one for each side) with the other 2 for the middle section of the bay.  A joining piece is also included that slots inside the poles to join them together.  The centre bracket then conceals the join.

In a 500cm pole kit you will receive 2 x 150cm poles (for the sides) and 2 x 100cm poles for the middle section.  A joining piece is also supplied.

A key feature of the Swish Design Studio bay pole kit is the design of the corner piece which features 4 knuckle joints enabling a more gradual curve, particularly useful for 90 degree bends.  This enables a smoother glide around the corners.

Reverse bend kits are also available in this range.  These enable you to bring the pole out of the bay and back along the straight sections of wall.  This can be useful if your windows go right up to the end of the bay and you want to stack your curtains back onto the return walls to enable as much light into the room as possible.  A 30cm section of pole is included in the return bay pole kit along with one passing bracket and a bay corner piece that can be reverse bent.  Please remember to order 2 return bay kits if you have 2 sides!!