Curtain Poles Suitable for Extra Wide Windows & Bi-Fold Doors

We have classified our curtain poles in this category as poles that are available in a 360cm length and over.  We have a wide range of metal and wooden curtain poles available in the longer lengths, ideal for extra wide windows and bi-fold doors.

Silent Gliss Metropole is also a really popular option as the brackets hold the tracks from the top so they don’t interfere with the glider channel. Longer Metropoles are well supported with a bracket every 50-60cm. The Metropole is an aluminium curtain track available in a wide range of contemporary colours. It is also available with simple stud or flush end caps, or more decorative finial styles. The Metropoles can be hand drawn or corded and are available in a 23mm, 30mm and 50mm diameter.

Wave curtains are a popular curtain heading for extra wide windows and bi-fold doors and need to be fitted onto a curtain track. A wave curtain is a modern and stylish curtain heading that gives a slim stack back, therefore enabling the curtain to clear as much of the glazing as possible. Please view our YouTube video for more information on this heading style. We also offer a made to measure wave curtain making service.

For more information on our made to measure curtain making service, please read our blog post.  Please get in touch if we can help with curtains for your curtain pole.

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