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Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole and Curtain Track


The Home Of Interiors Measuring Guide for Curtain Poles and Tracks.

Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole:

Decide where the pole is to be positioned.  This is usually above the window with the pole extending either side beyond the window.

Step 1: Measure the width of your window.

how to measure for a curtain pole

Step 2: The chart below provides guidance for making an allowance either side of your window for your curtain stack (shown as ‘B’ on the diagram above).  This is particularly important if you want the curtains to clear the glazing when open.  Please note the curtain heading, fabric thickness and lining specification will affect the width of the stack back.  How much you would like the curtains to clear the window is down to personal preference.  This chart below is however a good guide.

Step 3: Add the width of your window onto the B measurement (x2 for a pair of curtains) to give you a finished pole length (A).

Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole and Curtain Track

Measuring Guide for a Curtain Track

Follow the steps above for measuring for a curtain pole.  Please note the curtains go right to the end of a curtain track (unless you have chosen a Silent Gliss Metropole with finials on the end).


Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole and Curtain Track

Recess Fitting

If you are fitting your track wall to wall or within a recess we recommend you take the wall to wall measurement and deduct 1cm for hand drawn and corded tracks to ensure the track can be fitted easily within the recess.  For motorised tracks we recommend you deduct 2cm from your wall to wall measurement to ensure enough space to fit the curtain around the motor.

Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole and Curtain Track

Measuring Curtain Track lengths for Wave Curtains

If you are opting for a wave curtain the stack back is a mathematical calculation.  A curtain stacks back 18cm per metre of curtain track with an 80mm wave heading, and 23cm per metre of track with a 60mm wave heading.

Please see the example below:

On a 3m track for a pair of curtains with an 80mm wave the stack back will be 3m x 18cm = 54cm / 2 = 27cm each side.

For a single curtain the curtain will stack 54cm one side.

On a 3m track for a pair of curtains with a 60mm wave the stack back will be 3m x 23cm = 69cm / 2 = 34.5cm each side.

For a single curtain the curtain will stack 69cm one side.

Wave curtains are particularly popular over bi-fold or sliding doors or over large expanses of floor to ceiling glass.  If there is wall space to the side of the glazing the track length can be worked out so the curtain neatly sits on the side wall(s) clearing the glazing to allow the light to flood into your room.

Please view our Wave Curtain Information page for more information on the wave curtain heading style.

Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole and Curtain Track

Bay Windows

We offer a range of made to measure bay window curtain poles.  All of the Silent Gliss curtain tracks can be bent for bay windows.  Please download the bay window measuring guides from the curtain pole or track pages.


Measuring Guide for a Curtain Pole and Curtain Track

The Home of Interiors Measuring Tips

Curtain Pole Measuring Tips
  • Please note all poles can be cut to size with a junior hacksaw.  We recommend holding the curtain pole up to the window before cutting to double check the measurements.  If you have the curtains you could put the curtains onto the pole to check you are happy with the pole length before cutting.
  • We offer a cut to size service on some pole brands.
  • Please note corded poles cannot be cut to size at home.  These are made to measure so can be made to your exact requirement.
  • An extendable curtain pole removes the requirement to cut your pole to size.  These are telescopic poles so can be adjusted to suit your requirement.  Please note there will be a ridge at the pole join and you may need to ‘help’ your curtains over the join.
  • Please note curtain pole lengths on our website exclude the finials so the finials (measurement C on the diagram above) are extra length.  Please see the finial tab on the curtain pole pages for the finial dimensions.
  • Consider the space around the window.  Check there is enough space above the window for the brackets (please see bracket dimensions on the bracket tabs on the curtain pole pages).  Please note some brands have a smaller size centre bracket which will help if space above the window is limited.
  • If space is limited to either side of the window a smaller finial may be more suitable or a recess bracket that fits to the side walls.  This may be required on one or both sides of the window.  Please see accessories at the bottom of each product page for the recess brackets which are available with most curtain pole ranges.
  • If you are unsure which pole length to choose always choose the longer size, as the poles can easily be cut down to fit.
  • Most longer poles will be in two pieces and are joined in the centre by a centre bracket. If you need to cut these poles down to your exact required size, remember to cut half the amount from each end so that the joins remains central and the centre bracket will still provide support where the 2 poles meet.
Curtain Track Measuring Tips
  • We offer a free made to measure service on all Silent Gliss curtain tracks.  Please note we don’t recommend corded or motorised tracks are cut to size at home.
Single Curtains for Poles and Tracks
  • Depending on the style of your window and room proportions, a single curtain may sometimes be more suitable than a pair of curtains.  If you are considering a single curtain we would recommend adding on 5cm-10cm to the pole / track length on the non-curtain stacking side.  On the side where the curtain stacks please refer to the chart above for the amount to add onto the pole / track length.  You will still need to double the measurement as the curtain stack back will be the same (just joined into one curtain rather than split into two).  The curtain pole or track will sit off centre to your window.  Please note eyelet curtains cannot passover the brackets so if your pole length requires a centre bracket you will need passing curtain rings and passover brackets so the curtains draw from one side to the other.  Eyelet curtains are also not suitable for curtain tracks.

Please get in touch if we can offer any advice or if you have any questions.  Please call us on 01590 615775 or email and we would be delighted to help.


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