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Rugs – Considerations When Purchasing a Rug

This Rugs buying guide will help you to find the perfect rug for your space, style and functionality requirements.  There are many considerations to factor in when purchasing a rug so we hope you find this guide helpful in your decision making process.

To help refine your search on our website we have categorised our rugs by colour group, design and look, rug shape, rug usage (so you can select rugs suitable for outdoor use), material and brand.  Shop our full range of Rugs here including designs from leading homeware brands including Clarke & Clarke, Harlequin, Morris & Co., Sanderson and Scion.

Lifestyle, Household Demographics and Usage Considerations:

Thinking about your lifestyle, household demographics and the purpose of the rug may influence your material choice and how much you’d like to spend on the rug.

Harlequin Diffinity Rug

High Footfall Areas

If the rug is going to be positioned in a high footfall area within your home, or somewhere where it may pick up dirt, you may wish to consider a 100% wool rug as these have some resistance to dirt, will offer a luxurious feel underfoot, and retain their appearance for longer than a synthetic rug.  100% wool rugs are also easy to maintain requiring moderate vacuuming.  Vacuuming the rug too often may result in increased shedding so it’s best to vacuum the rug as and when required to retain the pile.  An outdoor rug may also be a consideration as these are hard wearing.  The pile on synthetic rugs can flatten where you walk so this is another reason why a 100% wool rug is a good option for a high footfall area as the pile bounces back on a wool rug.

Decorative, Low Footfall Areas

If the purpose of the rug is more for decorative, rather than for functional purposes, you may wish to choose a synthetic material or a rug with a wool mix.  Please note spills can be hard to remove from Viscose rugs so you may wish to avoid this material if positioning a rug underneath a table.

Rug featured: Harlequin Diffinity Rug.

Budget Considerations

Synthetic materials tend to be a cheaper option than a wool rug so may be worth considering if you don’t plan to have the rug for a long period of time.  Synthetic rugs are ideal for children’s or teenage bedrooms where tastes / styles will change within a relatively short period of time!  They are also ideal if you update your interiors regularly, or are in temporary accommodation.

Rugs can however be an investment piece and can travel from home to home with you, becoming a family heirloom and a piece of artwork to be treasured.

Rug Featured: Clarke & Clarke Lavico Rug


Style, Design, Shape & Size

Rugs – Considerations When Purchasing a Rug

Shape and Size

Other important considerations to make when purchasing a rug are shape and size. Getting the shape and size of your rug right is pivotal to ensure the space in your home flows, and the rug adds an air of style to your interiors.  It is also essential that the proportions of the space are considered so that the rug doesn’t look out of place.  Too small and the rug can look lost in the space; too large and the room can loose its dimension.

Please click on the product specification tab on the rug product pages for the size options available in your chosen rug design.  Before ordering, we recommend mocking up the size of the rug in your living space using masking tape to give you a good idea of how the size will work in your space.  If you aren’t sure between two sizes, then we would recommend going for the larger size.

Rectangular rugs are the most popular shape, particularly as rooms tend to be rectangular in shape as well.  Rectangular rugs work well in large spaces, or equally in multi-functional rooms, as they help to define the space.

There is a current trend for rugs getting larger, and positioning a rug underneath the legs of a sofa or chair.  Positioning a large, rectangular rug underneath a coffee table as a centre piece in a living room is also a popular choice and can add a real wow factor to your living space.

Rug featured: Harlequin Bodega Rug

Design and Style

Rugs with a WOW factor

There is a plethora of stunning rug designs on the market that will really add a wow factor to your living spaces.  For a maximalist look co-ordinate a bright and colourful rug with the co-ordinating wallpaper or fabric for your curtains or blinds.  For a more subtle style, a bold design in your rug works well with painted walls and plain fabrics for your soft furnishings that let the rug take centre stage!

Rug Featured: Harlequin Dahlia Rug in Fuchsia / Palm

Co-ordinating Rugs

For modern styling, a rug that tonally works well and co-ordinates with your walls and soft furnishings can add a sophisticated, elegant feel to your room.  Or you may wish to consider a plain / subtly patterned rug if you have chosen a bold wallpaper or fabric so that the rug doesn’t detract the attention from other design items in your room.

Rug Featured: Clarke & Clarke Blaize Rug in Blush

Classic, Timeless Designs

There are some classic, timeless designs on the market that will add a touch of heritage and style to any home.

We love The Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief design that dates back to 1883.  The design is said to be inspired by the thrushes William Morris saw stealing fruit from his kitchen garden.  The classic style of this beautiful rug will add warmth and character to any living space and is available in 4 colour-ways; Indigo, Crimson, Slate and Ink and 4 different sizes.

Rug Featured: Morris & Co Strawberry Thief Rug in Crimson

Rugs – Considerations When Purchasing a Rug
Rugs – Considerations When Purchasing a Rug
Rugs – Considerations When Purchasing a Rug

For more rug information, read our guide to the different rug compositions which includes care and maintenance tips.

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