Eyelet Curtain Poles

In theory you can use any curtain pole for eyelet curtains. However, you can order some curtain poles specifically without the rings (so you don’t end up paying for rings you aren’t going to use).  You will find our curtain poles that can be ordered without rings in this category.  We offer a range of metal and wooden curtain poles suitable for eyelet curtains. Readymade curtains are typically supplied with 40mm eyelets. We would therefore recommend a 28mm or 32mm diameter pole. 35mm poles do work, but your curtains may not open and close as easily. For smooth operation on a 35mm diameter pole, ideally a 50mm eyelet would be used.

For more information on our made to measure curtain making service, please read our blog post.  Please get in touch if we can help with curtains for your curtain pole.

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