Bay Window Curtain Poles

Transform your bay window into a stunning feature

A well-dressed bay window can make a stunning feature in any room. Curtains and blinds remain the most common window treatments for bays, with many people now layering blinds and curtains.  For example, layering a bay window curtain pole with sheer blinds to provided privacy for a downstairs bay or blackout blinds to block additional light from a bedroom bay.

Design Innovations

Recent design innovations in bay window curtain poles now facilitate eyelet curtains in bay windows.   Hallis Hudson have also launched a double bay window curtain pole solution in their Arc collection, which allows layering of curtains within a bay window.  We also offer a range of ceiling fix bay window curtain poles.  There has been many developments in the design of the passover brackets and rings used in the standard bay curtain pole systems.   It is however fair to say that from our extensive experience, not all systems are equal.  At The Home of Interiors we have tested all the systems we sell and only include those products that we know will work for the applications we are selling them for.

Choosing your bay window curtain pole

The wide choice of different bay pole systems available and the many different bay window shapes and bay angles can make the purchase of a bay pole look overwhelming.  At the Home of Interiors we are here to help you at every stage of the selection process to make the right product choice for your requirements.  The filter options detailed at the bottom of this page will help to narrow down your search.

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We recommend refining your search by the following filters:

  1. Bay Window Shape:
    • 3 Sided Bay – select this filter option
    • 5 Sided Bay – select this filter option
    • L Shaped Bay – select this filter option
    • More than 5 sided bay – this is perhaps better suited to a curtain track or a made to measure bay window pole system that can be made to a continuous curve in the factory. The Silent Gliss Metropole is a popular choice if you want to maintain the look of a curtain pole, or see our section on bay window curtain tracks for guidance on made to measure curtain tracks for bay windows.
  2. Functionality:
    • If you are using eyelet curtains please select the ‘suitable for eyelet curtains’ filter in the functionality filter. There are a few systems on the market that claim to be suitable for eyelet curtains however this is simply not the case.  At the Home Of Interiors we have tested all the products and only sell the bay systems that truly work and are suitable for all weights of eyelet curtains.  We would highly recommend the Neo bay curtain pole system for eyelet curtains.
    • If you are using curtain rings then all the products we sell are suitable.  The design of the brackets on the new Neo bay curtain pole mean that you don’t need passover rings or brackets so you get a smooth glide around the corners.  We also offer the Cameron Fuller and Hallis Hudson Arc bay window curtain poles which are made to your measurements and bent in the factory so these also offer a smooth glide around the corners.  All other brands and the old style Neo bay pole will come with passover rings and passover brackets to support the corners.
    • If you require ceiling fitting please select ‘Suitable for ceiling fitting’.
    • If you are after a layered look please select ‘Double Curtain Poles’. A voile / sheer curtain is a popular choice for the back pole to offer privacy / shading in the day, with a heavier, lined curtain on the front pole to create warmth and cosiness.
  3. The diameter of curtain pole will be largely dictated by the style of pole you are looking for or the weight of curtains you need to hang.
    • 16-19mm poles are really only suited to light weight curtains and sheers.  The wrought iron products are the exception where these will be suitable for medium weight curtains.
    • 25mm-28mm is the standard specification for bay window poles.  These are also ideal for readymade eyelet curtains as the eyelet size is typically 40mm.  If you have heavyweight curtains please check the weight suitability on the product specification tab on the product page as not all 28mm curtain poles are suitable for heavy curtains.
    • 35mm is suited to larger bays or rooms with higher ceilings, where not only the weight of the curtain will be a consideration, but also the scale of the pole becomes more important, so the proportions are in keeping with the room.  You can use eyelet curtains on a 35mm pole but please check the eyelet measurement on your curtains.  A 50mm eyelet would be our recommendation for 35mm curtain poles.

We’re here to help! 

If you have any questions about the suitability of any of the products or would like to discuss the options, please contact us by email or please call us on 01590 615 775 where a member of the team will be able to help with technical advice and provide product recommendations.  If you email us please include a photograph of your bay window so we can visualise your window and provide the best advice for your requirements.