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Wave is a neat and stylish curtain heading system by Silent Gliss. It is created through combining a specially designed heading tape and Wave glider-cord to get a soft and simple continuous wave effect.

The finished appearance is similar to that of eyelet curtains but fabric hangs directly below the track in a neat and uniform style. Wave has some key advantages over traditional curtain heading systems:

  • Minimised curtain stack
  • Simple curtain dressing
  • Form throughout the curtain drop
  • Minimalist appearance
  • Suits traditional and modern interiors
  • Compatible with pelmets

Fabric Suitability

There is no standard test that will indicate whether a fabric is suitable for Wave. However, experience suggests it is normally suitable for:

  • Voiles – Lined cotton
  • Interlined Silk – Blackout lining
  • Borders

The soft curves of Wave do not lend themselves to:

  • Stiff fabrics
  • Heavy embroidery
  • Irregular vertical stripes
  • Metallic threads

We recommend a simple test to indicate whether Wave will be suitable (see image below). Hold the top of the fabric in this way and see if the curtain follows a soft wave pattern without too much effort. Even Wave curtains will require some dressing and training. The extent of this will depend on the flexibility of the weave of the fabric chosen.

Wave Workroom Accessories

When specified, Silent Gliss Wave tracks are supplied with the Wave glider already included (these tracks are all available with standard gliders). You will need to have the following workroom accessories available to make the curtain itself:

  • Wave Heading Tape 6349
  • Wave Iron on Tape 6363
  • Curtain Side Weight 10076 (optional)
  • Curtain Weight Cord 10075 (optional)
  • Extension arm and Carrier 6364/6365
  • Adjustable Brake 2255
  • Adjustable Brake / Draw Rod Carrier 6366

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