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NEW Neo Bay Window Curtain Pole compatible with heavyweight, eyelet curtains

new neo bay window curtain poles for heavyweight eyelet curtains

This is a really exciting development for the bay window curtain pole market! Thanks to the research and development project from Rolls Neo we now have a bay window curtain pole solution suitable for heavyweight, eyelet curtains.  Shop the full range here.

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›› How to fit a Neo bay window curtain pole

New Neo Bay Window Curtain Pole Suitable for Eyelets

The New Neo Bay curtain pole has been designed to perform at its best with eyelet curtains, however it can also be used on curtain headings that require curtain rings. The pole is available in a 28mm and 35mm diameter in any of the 4 Neo curtain pole finishes (stainless steel, chrome, spun brass or black nickel) and is available with all of their stylish and contemporary finials, including their Neo Original finials, Neo premium, Neo style and Neo oak finials. Please note this pole isn’t suitable for the oak poles, but the oak finials can be ordered on the metal poles and look great to complement modern interior design trends.

If you are purchasing the pole for eyelet curtains we recommend a 40mm eyelet for 28mm diameter poles, and a 50mm eyelet for 35mm poles.

L Shaped Windows:

The Neo bay window curtain pole is also suitable for L shaped windows. Please watch our YouTube video that specifically discusses the pole for L shaped windows:

The New Neo Bay Window Curtain Pole Brackets

These brackets have been engineered to the high standards you would expect from the Neo range. Being solid diecast the tubular design offers maximum strength and weight capacity providing a solution for heavyweight, eyelet curtains! The difference with this system vs others on the market is the fact that the end brackets offer enough support without the need for corner passing brackets.

We have listed the bay curtain poles on our website with standard pole sizes and we also offer the option to customise your pole set; specifying the pole lengths and number of brackets.

If you order the standard pole kits we offer 2 options 1) for lightweight curtains and 2) for all other curtain weights. Lightweight curtains are typically not lined or inter-lined and a thin fabric such as a light cotton, sheer or voile.

new neo curtain pole brackets
New Neo curtain pole brackets.

The difference between the 2 options is the number of end brackets you will receive in your pole kit:

  • If you specify the ‘lightweight’ option you will receive one end bracket for each side of the curtain pole
  • For ‘all other curtain weights’ two end brackets will be supplied for each end of the pole to offer maximum support. Please note your curtains will hide the brackets once the curtain poles and curtains are installed and fitted.

›› Please see our weight guide chart for more information: Curtain Weight Guide Neo Bay

We have set up L shaped curtain poles in the same way.  You can either shop the standard sizes or specify your own pole lengths and brackets.  You can shop the standard pole sizes for lightweight curtains or for all curtain weights.  If you specify lightweight curtains the number of end brackets will depend upon the pole lengths.  Please see the drop down options on the product page.  If you specify for all curtain weights 4 end brackets will be supplied as standard (2 for each end of the pole).  If ordering a pole length which includes a 300cm pole a heavyweight centre bracket will also be included to give the 300cm extra support.  Please note eyelet curtains won’t passover the centre bracket.

The centre bracket has a simple, discrete and stylish design. It features a two-piece magnetic cover plate which simple slides into place and conceals the fixings underneath. It is recommended that 2 people help to fit the centre bracket so one person can hold the pole in place whilst the other person fixes the bracket to the wall.

New Neo Bay Window Corner Piece Pole

The well engineered corner piece is supplied as a 26cm single piece of straight pole, which can easily be bent by hand to create the angle required for your bay window.  We recommend that you get the angle as close as you can in the first instance. You can do this by positioning the corner piece at the window to see how it is fitting. Don’t worry if it isn’t 100% perfect to start off with.  As there is flexibility in the piece the metal will give as the corner pieces are connected to the poles giving the perfect angle.

neo bay window curtain pole - corner piece
Neo corner piece.

The easiest way to bend the corner piece is over your knee, however please place a cloth or t-towel over your knee to ensure the cut grooves in the pole don’t pinch your skin or clothing. Please ensure the cut section of the pole faces in towards you when bending. When bent the cuts should be facing into the room. Please be careful not to bend it the wrong way as this will cause damage.

Please note the connecting pieces twist into the corner pieces. Please don’t push them as this will damage the components. There are clear ‘twist’ instructions on the connectors to guide you. Please also note the corner piece hasn’t been designed to be bent and straightened, and bent and straightened as this will cause damage.

All pole sets:

All pole sets will include a pair of finials and 2 corner pieces for 3 sided bay windows, and 1 corner piece for L shaped windows.

Please note the poles can easily be cut to size with a junior hacksaw. The poles in the Rolls Neo range are available in the following lengths; 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 240cm and 300cm.

Where do I position my eyelets or curtain rings?

Our YouTube video explains this in more detail. For poles that just has one end bracket you will position your curtain rings and eyelets as normal i.e. one in between the finial and the bracket with the rest to follow the other side of the end bracket.

If you are fitting the pole with two end brackets please position one curtain ring in between the finial and bracket, one curtain ring in between the 2 brackets with the rest to follow the other side of the 2nd end bracket.

If you are fitting eyelet curtains there are 2 options for poles with two end brackets. For full curtains where you have plenty of fabric, we recommend you fit one eyelet in between the finial and the end bracket, then 2 eyelets in between the 2 brackets, with the rest to follow the other side of the 2nd end bracket. If your curtains aren’t that full please position one eyelet in between the finial and end bracket with the second eyelet the far side of the 2nd end bracket.

Please see images below that show the eyelet positioning:

Neo bay window curtain poles
For full curtains.
Neo bay window curtain poles
For curtains where the fabric is more restricted.

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Shop the full Neo range of  bay window curtain poles suitable for eyelet curtains here.


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