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Hallis Hudson Arc

Introducing the newly launched Arc collection by Hallis Hudson. This stunning new range features a selection of 25mm metal curtain poles, designed with both endurance and elegance in mind. Made in England using high grade mild steel metalwork, this beautiful range combines simplicity with style for an air of understated elegance. It also provides a great deal of flexibility, offering a variety of straight poles, double poles, bay window poles and a unique double bay pole solution. To view the full range, please click here

Hallis Hudson Arc
Hallis Hudson Arc


Hallis Hudson Arc offers 10 contemporary and classic pole finishes to suit a range of interior design styles. These include China White, Linen, Soft Silver, Soft Brass, Soft Black, Warm Grey, Lead, Gunmetal, Mocha and Bronze. The colour palette has been perfectly designed to complement current interior design colour schemes and also offers a comprehensive range of neutrals to coordinate with grey or warmer taupe colour palettes.

China White, Lead, Linen, Mocha, Soft Black, Soft Silver and Warm Grey are all flat, matt colours, whereas Bronze, Gunmetal and Soft Brass offer a nice, metallic finish, perfect for adding depth and dimension to your window.

For an added touch of luxury, the Soft Silver, Soft Brass, and Bronze finishes are the perfect choice. If you’re looking for a contemporary appeal, the silver, mocha and grey tones can work beautifully, while the black and white tones offer versatility, ideal for either modern or more traditional interiors.

Hallis Hudson Arc


While the colour palette is quite broad, Arc provides a tight range of finial styles to choose from. These include the Ball, the Stud, the Disc and the Hammered Disc. The simple design of each finial offers a subtle, yet refined finish to the pole for a neat, contemporary appearance. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a less decorative option, allowing your curtain fabric to take centre stage.

The Ball is a classic finial style for a simple, timeless feel, while the disc and the stud offer a plainer, more discrete look. The Hammered disc is relatively similar to the disc style finial, but instead features a vintage forged ironwork detail on the top. Each finial style is perfectly streamlined, working particularly well with more modern interior design styles.

Hallis Hudson Arc
Hallis Hudson Arc
Hallis Hudson Arc
Hallis Hudson Arc

Hallis Hudson Arc Straight Curtain Poles

The Hallis Hudson Arc collection offers a beautiful range of 25mm straight curtain poles, available in all 4 finial styles and the full range of Arc colours. These are built to withstand medium weight fabrics up to 11kg and are suitable for wall or ceiling fixing to suit your individual preference.

Hallis Hudson Arc

All poles come complete with standard brackets, fixings and finials colour matched to your pole. We also offer the option to add rings to the pole kit should you wish to do so. The Hallis Arc pole range is available up to a maximum length of 600cm, making it the ideal solution for extra wide windows and bifold doors often seen in new builds and extensions.

The Hallis Hudson Arc straight poles are also suitable for eyelet curtains. However, please note the 500cm and 600cm lengths come with passing brackets for extra support to the poles. These are therefore not suitable for eyelet curtains as the eyelets will not pass over the brackets.

Should you be tight for space, there is also a recess bracket option available. Furthermore, we do offer a cut to size service on the full Hallis Arc range for a truly bespoke fit.

Hallis Hudson Arc

Hallis Hudson Arc Double Curtain Poles

The Arc collection also offers a fabulous double pole solution. This option features a 25mm pole on the front and a 25mm pole on the back, ideal for creating a layered effect at your window. Each double pole is built to withstand medium weight fabrics up to 11kg and is suitable for wall fixing only. Available in all the Arc finishes and a choice of all 4 finial styles, this solution is an excellent choice.

Similar to the straight poles, all double pole kits come complete with standard brackets, fixings and finials of your choice for the front pole. For the back pole, we provide a choice of the Stud, Disc or Hammered Disc style finials only for a discrete look. We also offer the option to add rings to the pole kit should you wish to do so. The Hallis Arc double pole range is available up to a maximum length of 600cm, making it the perfect solution for layering on extra wide windows and bi-fold doors.

Hallis Hudson Arc

These double poles are compatible with standard eyelet curtains. However, please note the 500cm and 600cm lengths do come with double passing brackets and are, therefore, not suitable for eyelets. It’s also important to note that due to the closeness between the poles, we would not recommend using eyelet headings on both the front and back poles. If you would like an eyelet curtain on the front, we would recommend you pair it with a tab top, channel top or pencil pleat voile on the back pole for the ideal layering effect.


Hallis Hudson Arc Bay Window Solutions and Accessories.

Hallis Hudson Arc also offers a fantastic made to measure bay window curtain poles and a double bay window curtain pole solution, ideal for creating a layered look.  A voile / sheer is a popular choice for the back pole to provide privacy and shading during the day, with a heavier, lined curtain on the front pole to add warmth and cosiness to a room.   All the bay poles are made to your measurements for a perfect fit and can be wall or ceiling fixed.  The poles are bent in our factory which ensures a smooth glide around the corners.

The collection also features a stunning coordinating holdback in all the Arc colours to beautifully complement the Arc range of curtain poles. This makes for a stunning finishing touch and is the perfect way to complete your desired look.

Hallis Hudson Arc
Hallis Hudson Arc

If you have any questions, would like any advice or ring samples sending out, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  Please email or call us on 01590 615775. For design inspiration and ideas, please see our collection of Trend Guides.

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