Rolls Neo Curtain Poles

rolls neo curtain poles

Rolls Neo has an extremely versatile range of curtain poles available in different sizes. These sizes are available in a 19mm, 28mm and 35mm diameter. View our YouTube video that talks you through the range.

The Rolls Neo Oak range is also a popular option.  Click here to view the full Oak portfolio of 28mm and 35mm wooden curtain poles.

The components of the neo curtain poles range are excellent quality and a step up from the DIY specification of curtain poles.

The Neo brand is used extensively by independent soft furnishers and interior designers as it offers quality, sophistication and a designer feel at exceptionally good value prices.

The brackets are excellent quality and are simple and stylish with concealed fixings. There is a wide choice of finials to complement the curtain poles with faceted glass finials available in the Rolls Neo Premium curtain pole range. 

The Rolls Neo Style range has a variety of design led, glass and mosaic finials that really give the wow factor. There is also a plain ball, stud, trumpet and bullet style finial should you prefer this style.

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Neo Curtain Poles For Wide Windows and Bi-fold Doors

All of the original neo curtain poles in the 28mm and 35mm ranges are available up to 3m as a single piece so are an excellent solution for extra wide windows or bi-fold doors as you can have a 6m width (by joining 2 x 3m poles together with a joining piece).

This option is available to purchase on our website. We also have an option for a 6m pole for heavy weight curtains. If you order this length you will also receive 2 passover brackets for additional support in the centre of each of the 3m poles.

You will also receive 3 packs of standard rings and 7 packs of passover rings to ensure the curtains passover the brackets (please note this isn’t suitable for eyelet curtains). Please view our YouTube video that explains this in more detail.

There are 2 options for the 300cm length. You can order the pole as a split pole which comes as 2 x 150cm poles with a connecting piece. Or you can order a 300cm pole as a single piece if this is preferred (1 x 300cm pole will be supplied).

One Curtain Solution

If you have one curtain that you wish to draw all the way over from one side to the other on either a 300cm, 480cm or 600cm length please pop a comment in the notes section at the checkout asking us to swap the 3rd standard bracket for a passover bracket.

We will then swap your standard rings over as well so you will receive some passover rings to ensure the curtain passes over the passing bracket (please note a passover solution isn’t suitable for eyelet curtains as the eyelet won’t Passover the brackets). Please call us if you have any questions relating to this.

All of the Neo curtain poles are available in 4 colours; stainless steel, chrome, black nickel and spun brass. There is also neo oak curtain poles available in 28mm and 35mm diameter (please see Neo Oak brand on our website) with the option of an oak ball or oak stud finial. The oak finials are also popular on the metal curtain pole.

Bracket Options

There is also a variety of brackets available to suit different requirements. There is also a choice of bracket styles in the 28mm range. The extendable cup style bracket may be useful if you have eyelet curtains as it projects further away from the wall so the curtain doesn’t rub on the wall. Ceiling fix rolls neo brackets and rackets are also available should you require these.

Bay Window NEO Curtain Pole Solution

Corner joiners & passing rings are also available offering a great curtain pole solution for bay windows. Please view our YouTube video that talks you through the bay window curtain pole solution in more detail.

Double Pole Solution (19mm/28mm)

Finally, there is also a double bracket available in the Neo range. A 19mm pole sits at the back with a 28mm pole at the front. This is great for layering and adding texture to a window, or indeed perfect if you would like to feature a voile at the back and a heavier curtain on the front pole. Please view our YouTube video for more information.

Finishing touches

Rolls Neo curtain poles also offer a range of co-ordinating holdbacks and tieback hooks to complete the look.