Wooden Curtain Poles

Wooden Curtain Pole Range:

We offer an extensive range of wooden curtain poles. These are available in a wide selection of colours and diameters to suit a variety of interior design styles and budgets.  To complement oak doors and flooring, you may wish to consider the Neo OakJones Lunar or Jones Strand ranges.  For a more traditional / classic look, you may wish to consider the Cameron Fuller, Laura Ashley or Jones Hand painted ranges. The Rolls Modern CountryRolls MuseumIntegra Masterpiece and Swish Forever Autumn ranges are also great for a classic look.  The Rolls Honister or Rolls Woodline ranges offer fantastic value. A variety of contemporary colours are available in the Honister range, while the Woodline range offers more traditional finishes. The Swish Soho pole is also a popular choice.  It’s a metal pole with a wood laminate wrap, available in contemporary faux wood finishes that complement modern interior styles.

If you’d like your pole to co-ordinate with a paint colour, we also offer the Rolls Unfinished pole sets that you can paint yourself. For more information, please see our guide to painting an unfinished pole. Jones also offer a Bespoke Painted service and we can paint the pole in a colour of your choice.

We also offer a wide range of corded wooden curtain poles. For more information on our corded wooden pole options, please view our YouTube video. Please click the following for curtain poles suitable for extra wide windows and bi-fold doors and poles we can cut to size.

For more information on our made to measure curtain making service, please read our blog post.  Please get in touch if we can help with curtains for your curtain pole.

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