Integra Inspired

integra curtain poles

The Integra Inspired range of curtain poles have been engineered with true precision, with attention paid to every element resulting in a stunning collection of curtain poles. The poles in the range are available in a 19mm, 28mm, 35mm and 45mm diameter so are suitable for all types of window sizes.

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19mm Integra Curtain Poles

The 19mm poles are great for small rooms or windows, or lightweight fabrics. The contemporary style of the 19mm finials makes them perfect for modern interiors. They are available in a satin nickel finish and up to a 360cm pole length.

28mm Integra Curtain Poles

28mm curtain poles are suitable for all types of curtain headings and window sizes. They are also ideal for eyelet curtains. Available up to a 480cm width they are also ideal for extra wide windows or bi-fold doors. There is a wide range of finial styles available in the 28mm Integra Inspired range and a variety of bracket and ring choices offering versatility to the range. In addition to the satin nickel, chrome and black nickel finishes they also have a high gloss white and high gloss black pole in their range available with a ball or stud finial.

35mm Integra Curtain Poles

35mm curtain poles are also suitable for all types of curtain headings and window sizes. If you have eyelet curtains please double check the size of the eyelet as some can be a little bit tight on a 35mm diameter. The slightly larger diameter works well on extra wide windows and bi-fold doors to balance the proportion of the window to the size of the pole.

45mm Integra Curtain Poles

A 45mm curtain pole works well with tall ceilings, large rooms or at extra wide windows. They also complement heavy fabrics, or curtains that are lined and interlined to balance the look. There is a stunning range of finial styles in the Integra Inspired 45mm range and the curvatura brackets are stylish and sophisticated to add a perfect finishing touch to a window.