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Hallis Hudson Tracked Wooden Curtain Poles with Silent Gliss Track Insert

Hallis Hudson Tracked Wooden Curtain Poles with Silent Gliss Track Insert

Hallis Hudson is renowned for its exquisite collection of corded curtain poles, each catering to specific design aesthetics. But with so many options under the Museum, Modern Country, Origins, Ashbridge, and Eden brands, choosing the perfect one can feel overwhelming.

Choosing the Right Corded Curtain Pole for You

Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • Interior Design Style: Match the pole’s aesthetic to your existing décor.
  • Curtain Weight: Select a pole that can support your chosen fabric weight (please check the weight guide tab on the product pages)
  • Desired Look: Do you prefer a classic, rustic, modern, or minimalist aesthetic?
  • Sustainability: If eco-conscious choices matter to you, consider the Eden collection.

By understanding the unique characteristics of each Hallis Hudson corded curtain pole brand, you can confidently select the perfect one to complement your windows and elevate your home’s overall design.  This blog post will delve into the key characteristics of each brand, helping you select the ideal corded curtain pole to elevate your windows.  Watch our YouTube video to discover more about the brands.

The wooden curtain poles are now available with a Silent Gliss track insert offering the aesthetic beauty of a wooden curtain pole with the functionality of a track.  All of these poles are manufactured in Great Britain.  Each pole is hand finished and made to measure for a perfect fit and to meet your preferred specifications.  The choice of cord colour (black or white), the finish of the cord tensioner (white, brushed steel or antique brass), track insert colour, cord side, bracket and glider type can all be specified when ordering your bespoke pole.


Hallis Hudson Tracked Wooden Curtain Poles with Silent Gliss Track Insert
Rolls Museum 35mm Wooden Curtain Pole Dune Satin Oyster

Rolls Museum: Timeless Elegance for the Discerning Homeowner

The Rolls Museum collection embodies classic sophistication. Picture handcrafted wooden poles with meticulously detailed finishes, ideal for traditional or period homes. Museum poles boast wider diameters (45mm and 55mm diameters are available as a corded option) and are available in a variety of finishes to suit your interiors, from the rich antique gilt finish to a stylish neutral in antique white.  Featured here is their gorgeous Satin Oyster finish.  A variety of stylish finial designs are also available to suit your decor. These poles are perfect to add a touch of grandeur to your space.

Rolls Modern Country: Rustic Charm with a Touch of Comfort

The Rolls Modern Country curtain pole range is a collection of stunning hand finished curtain poles available as a corded pole in a 45mm or 55mm diameter in a choice of painted and natural washed & waxed finishes.  The variety of colours and finial styles available gives them the versatility to complement a variety of interior design styles and colour schemes.

45mm Modern Country Wooden Curtain Pole Floral Ball Pearl
Hallis Origins 35mm Wood Curtain Pole Twine

Hallis Hudson Origins: A Fusion of Nature and Modernity

The Hallis Hudson Origins range of 45mm corded curtain poles combines simple elements of nature with inspiration from the smooth and clean lines of Zen gardens.  The collection encompasses six finials which breathe calm and tranquillity into any room.  Conjure up thoughts of organic ceramics in warm neutral tones, jute rugs, white washed floors and linen tablecloths.  View our Nature Luxe trend guide for inspiration!

Hallis Hudson Ashbridge: Understated Luxury for the Discerning Eye

Hallis Hudson Ashbridge poles are crafted from solid Ash wood, renowned for its strength and beautiful grain.  The Ashbridge collection will add elegance, style and sophistication to your window.  A celebration of British heritage the portfolio is built on attention to detail; from the selection of wood used to the intricate finial designs and colour of the finishes available.  Suited to both traditional and contemporary interior styles

Hallis Hudson Ashbridge Kew 45mm Wooden Curtain Pole
Hallis Hudson Tracked Wooden Curtain Poles with Silent Gliss Track Insert

Hallis Hudson Eden: Natural Beauty Meets Sustainable Practices

The Hallis Hudson Eden collection celebrates the inherent beauty of Ash wood.  The Eden collection brings an air of natural beauty to your window treatment, and is suited to both country and urban homes.  The wooden curtain poles are hand finished by skilled craftsmen in the UK and are available in 5 rustic finishes ranging from a light Oatmeal, to mid Natural and darker Sisal, Cocoa and Umber tones.  Each of the five natural finishes have been carefully curated to allow the humble beauty of the Ash wood to bloom.  The poles are hand finished to ensure the smoothness and fine detail of the grain are highlighted to give the collection a warm, authentic feel.

The Eden curtain poles are made from wood sourced from forestry commission and from responsibly managed forests, to ensure sustainable use, conservation, restoration and respect for the land and wildlife.  In addition Hallis Hudson have partnered with One Tree Planted, and for every complete Eden curtain pole set sold they will plant one tree.

Silent Gliss Track Insert

Silent Gliss are renowned for the quality of their products and innovation.  The Silent Gliss hand drawn 6870 curtain track, or the corded 3870 curtain track is inserted into a channel routed in the curtain pole.  The tracks are supplied with premium 2C gliders ensuring a smooth and silent glide.  Standard gliders, roller gliders (recommended for heavier curtains) and wave gliders (required for wave curtains) are all options that can be specified when ordering.  To complement your chosen pole colour, the track inserts are available in white, antique bronze, anodic grey and charcoal.  Please see the recommended track insert tab on the product pages

Silent Gliss System 6870 Uncorded  Aluminium  Curtain Track - suitable for wave curtains
Silent Gliss System 6870 Uncorded  Aluminium  Curtain Track - suitable for wave curtains
Silent Gliss System 6870 Uncorded  Aluminium  Curtain Track - suitable for wave curtains
Silent Gliss System 6870 Uncorded  Aluminium  Curtain Track - suitable for wave curtains

Bracket Options

Wooden clasp style brackets are supplied with these curtain poles as standard.  The style of the bracket ensures the bracket doesn’t interfere with the glider channel so a single curtain can pull from one side to the other.  For heavier curtains, additional brackets can also be purchased to offer extra support.

Metal brackets can also be specified if preferred which are available in chrome, antique brass or polished brass.

Hallis Hudson Tracked Wooden Curtain Poles with Silent Gliss Track Insert

Curtain Heading Styles

Double or triple pinch pleat curtains are sophisticated curtain heading styles that complement the style and elegance of the wooden corded curtain poles.  This classic curtain heading style will create a statement look at your window to finish off your room beautifully.

For more contemporary styling, wave curtains looks stunning and stylish.  An advantage of the wave curtain heading is that it delivers a slimmer stack back to traditional curtain headings which can optimise the light coming into your room.  80mm wave gliders are compatible with the wooden corded curtain poles and the stack back can be calculated at 18cm per metre of track.  Please read our Wave Curtain page for further information on this heading style.


Made to Measure Curtain Making Service

Shop our range of stunning fabrics from leading fabric houses and well known brands, that can be made into beautiful made to measure curtains that will come ready to hang on your curtain pole.  We offer a range of lining options and heading styles to suit different interior design styles and requirements.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our curtain making service.  Please read our blog post for further information.


Hallis Hudson Tracked Wooden Curtain Poles with Silent Gliss Track Insert

Overall, wooden corded curtain poles are a perfect choice for those who desire a balance of beauty and functionality. They elevate your window treatments while providing a smooth and effortless curtain operation.

If you’re embarking on a home project and would like any help, inspiration or samples sending out, please do get in touch. We offer a complimentary bespoke design service to provide fabric, design and paint colour advice.  We also offer a bespoke, made to measure curtain and roman blind making service so can deliver made to measure curtains to complement your choice of curtain pole.

If you have any questions, would like any advice or pole colour samples sending out, please do get in touch.

Email or call us on 01590 615775 and we will be happy to help.

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