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The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds

The Home Of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Our vision is to bring the most comprehensive range of roller blinds to the UK market, suitable for all window shapes and sizes.  We aim to marry beautiful, aesthetic appeal with exceptional functionality, without compromising on either, and to deliver these solutions at good value price points.  In addition, we want to make the purchasing process as easy and straight forwards as possible, and give you the information required to ensure a truly beautiful product is delivered to you that not only looks fantastic but also meets your functionality requirements.

Reasons to shop Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds with The Home Of Interiors:

  • Our choice of hardware – we have partnered with a UK blinds manufacturer who has over 40 years experience of manufacturing blinds so they really are industry experts!  The manufacturer we have chosen to partner with has an entrepreneurial spirit that we love, constantly challenging the status quo and developing better solutions.  They also share our values of delivering the best quality product for the job.  We don’t cut corners to save costs as we want to ensure every component in your roller blind is the best it can be.
  • Our choice of roller blind fabrics – our design team have curated a range of fabrics from independent roller blind fabric manufacturers, along with leading UK blind manufacturers delivering a truly stylish range of roller blinds.  We have selected fabrics that we would be proud to display in our own homes.
  • A truly bespoke product – when you come to order your blind we offer a wide range of options so you can customise the product to your requirements and preferences.
  • Product knowledge and technical expertise – on all of the roller blind fabric pages you will find information tabs featuring dimensions, diagrams and YouTube videos talking you through the options so you can make an informed product decision and the best solution for your requirements.
  • Ease of navigation – our search filters allow you to refine your search so you can easily find fabrics that match your brief.  Alternatively, we can do the sieving for you!  Please email a brief to or call us on 01590 615775 and a member of the team will be delighted to help.
  • Ease of ordering – simply pick your fabric and choose your selections as you configure your bespoke made to measure roller blind.
  • Exceptional value – we are proud to price our products to offer exceptional value.  We don’t over inflate our prices to be able to offer huge discounts during sale periods or introductory offers.  We prefer to offer everyday good value to every customer no matter whether it’s your first purchase with us, or you are a repeat customer.

Our roller blinds are suitable for all window shapes and sizes including blinds to cover bi-fold or sliding doors, floor to ceiling glazing panels, blinds required in corners including bay windows and skylight and Apex blinds.  Please get in touch with our sales team who will be able to assist with any questions you may have or information you require.

Email: or call us on 01590 615775.


Control options:

We offer 3 control options for our roller blinds:

  • ball chain
  • motorised blinds
  • spring return
Prestigious Textiles Roller Blind Radiance Denim
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Motorised Blinds

Whether you require a simple remote control to operate your blinds or would like them to fully integrate with your home automation system, we cater for all options and everything in between!  Our roller blinds can be operated by:

  • a remote control and / or a wall switch.
  • with the purchase of the Somfy Ta’Homa Switch you can download the App and operate the blinds from your phone, or with voice activation using Amazon Alexa or Google Assist for example.
  • fully integrate your blinds with your home automation system.

Our motorised blinds can be battery operated or hard wired.  Please refer to the ‘motorisation’ tab on the roller blind fabric pages for further information.

Cassette and Fascia Options

Both roller blind fascia and closed cassette systems offer a way to enclose and conceal the roller blind mechanism for a cleaner and more finished look compared to having an exposed roller tube.

Fascia System:

  • Simpler Design: A fascia system is essentially a decorative cover that is integrated into, or fits around the existing roller tube. It comes in various height options depending on the amount of coverage required.
  • Less Enclosure: The fascia doesn’t fully enclose the roller tube mechanism, but if fitting within a recess it stops light ingress above the roller blind tube.
  • Visibility of Roller Tube: The roller tube might still be visible from the front (depending on the size of your blind and fascia specified), and the tube will be visible when viewed from underneath.

Closed Cassette System:

  • Complete Enclosure: A closed cassette system is a box-like structure that completely surrounds the roller tube and operating mechanism.
  • Light Blocking: The cassette can improve light blocking by eliminating light gaps around the roller tube.
  • Blind Size Limitations: if you have a very long drop, and are considering a thick blackout fabric a fascia system may be a better option as the blind may become too large to fit inside a cassette.
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Capital Fascia System

For a truly stylish and versatile way to conceal blind headrails and fixings we offer the Capital Fascia by Decorquip.  This can be specified when ordering your blind, or it can be shopped separately if you are retro fitting over existing roller blinds.

The Capital Fascia by Decorquip is a premium fascia solution designed to provide a sleek and sophisticated finish to your window dressings.  The Capital Fascia is characterised by its high-quality materials, simple yet sophisticated style, and versatile application to conceal blind headrails and fixings along with curtain tracks, to deliver a polished look to your interiors.

Modular System offers unrivalled versatility

The Capital Fascia system is a modular system and is tailor made to your measurements ensuring it delivers the wow factor!  It is suitable to conceal any blind or curtain track, whether fitted within a recess or fixed outside a recess, and is suitable for various window configurations, including bay windows.  90 degree along with 45 degree joiners and inverted joiners are available for corners and bay windows.  Fascias up to 5m will be supplied in one piece.  Straight joining pieces will be supplied on longer lengths.



Blindspace Blind Box

Blindspace Blind Boxes offer a sleek and sophisticated solution for concealing blinds within your walls or ceiling. They create a minimalist look by hiding the blinds themselves, as well as any wires or channels typically needed for operation. This can be done for a variety of window and door types, including floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights. Blindspace offers pre-made sizes or custom options to fit your specific needs.

The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling can be prepared for manual or electric blinds and accessed for blind installation when construction work is completed. From the smallest windows to the largest doors and skylights, Blindspace enables any blind to disappear.

The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Custom Colour Roller Blind

For a truly stylish look co-ordinate the colour of your roller blinds with your walls, painted furniture or painted kitchen cabinets.  We offer custom coloured roller blinds in a sheer / voile, standard daylight and blackout fabric to elevate your window dressing and add the finishing touches to your room.

Our Custom Coloured Roller Blinds are available with all the same quality hardware and options as our Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds.

Bespoke Roller Blind Fabrics

We offer a range of fabric types to suit different functionality requirements:

  • Sheer/Voile fabrics are a popular choice for roller blinds when you want to balance light and privacy.  The fabrics feature an open weave that allows gentle, filtered sunlight to enter the room, creating a bright and airy feel.  They offer some privacy during the day whilst still allowing you to see out.
  • Standard Daylight fabrics offers the perfect middle ground between complete privacy and harsh sunlight.  A standard daylight fabric is semi-translucent gently filtering light, softening the sun’s glare whilst still allowing natural light to bathe into your room.  This creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and keeps your space feeling bright and airy.  Suitable for all living spaces.
  • Screen fabrics are the go-to choice for those seeking both sun control and a connection to the outside world.  Their unique open weave structure allows you to see through whilst still filtering out harsh light and glare.
  • Blackout fabrics are specifically designed to block out light, creating a cave-live environment perfect for bedrooms dedicated to sleep or cinema rooms yearning for the ultimate home media experience.  We offer blackout fabrics with a colour matched reverse, along with blackout fabrics with a white backing.  Please note whilst the fabric will be blackout if you are fitting the roller blind within a recess there will be some light visible down the sides and over the top of the blind.
  • Waterproof fabrics are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and areas prone to moisture and splashes.  The fabrics repel water and humidity and are wipe clean.  The water resistant option also has blackout properties and due to their high PVC content are 100% waterproof offering privacy and durability.
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds
The Home Of Interiors Roller Blinds Flo
The Home of Interiors Bespoke Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Complimentary Bespoke Design Service

If you are embarking upon a project and we can offer any assistance please get in touch.  We offer a complimentary bespoke design service both virtually (via Zoom) and face to face from our design showroom in Brockenhurst.  Book an appointment here.

If you are considering Blindspace Blind Boxes please get in touch as early on in the project as you can, so that space for the boxes and any electrical requirements can be factored into the build.  We can provide dimensions and technical information for your builder and electrician.

Email or call us on 01590 615775.

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