Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Our full range of hand drawn curtain tracks are listed below.  You can further refine your search using the filters on the left hand side and can filter by functionality, material and brand so if you have a requirement for a bay window, extra wide window or bi-fold door or are looking for a track suitable for a wave curtain use our filter navigation to help you find the right track for your requirements.  For help on choosing the right Silent Gliss curtain track for your requirements please refer to our blog post.


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Hand Operated Curtain Tracks

The advantage of hand operated curtain tracks is in their simplicity.  They are reliable, uncomplicated, and simple in design and suitable for a variety of curtain headings.  To prolong the life of your curtains, you may wish to use a draw rod which enables you to open and close your curtains without touching them.

All of the Silent Gliss curtain tracks are available up to 6m as a single piece and you can join tracks together so they are great for extra wide windows and bi-fold doors.  As the brackets don’t interfere with the glider channels it also means you can have a single curtain on one side pulling all the way over to the other side, which can be a popular choice for bi-fold doors.

We can also bend all of the Silent Gliss tracks to your requirements so they are great for bay windows.

If you want to create a layering effect and are ceiling fixing the tracks you can position one in front of the other to create the look.  Alternatively please view our double and triple tracks for other options.

All of our curtain tracks are supplied with the recommended number of curtain gliders and brackets for the length of curtain track you have chosen.  Please refer to the bracket and glider tab on the product page for more information.  We can cut all of the Silent Gliss tracks to your exact size at no extra cost, however should you prefer the hand operated curtain tracks can all be cut to length at home.
If you are looking for a contemporary or more decorative curtain track you may wish to consider the Silent Gliss Metropole range.  The Metropoles operate like a curtain track but have a more rounded profile.  They are also available in a wide range of contemporary colours complementing current interior design trends.

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