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Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Bi-fold and sliding doors along with large expanses of glazing are popular features in home renovations, extensions and new builds.  Large open plan living rooms, accommodating kitchen, dining and living spaces are also popular.  These tend to feature hard surfaces such as kitchen units and wooden or stone flooring which, whilst looking stunning, can help to bounce sound around a room.  Ceilings are also getting taller which adds to the requirement for soft furnishings to help absorb sound.  This style of room also lends itself to large expanses of glazing, whether that be a floor to ceiling window, or bi-fold or sliding doors.  This can lead to the requirement for privacy and shading solutions, particularly for south facing rooms.

Please find below some suggestions and recommendations for curtains, blinds and soft furnishings in these open plan living spaces.

Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks or Metropole

A Silent Gliss curtain track or Metropole is a great solution for wide windows.  One bracket is supplied for every 50-60cm of track offering more support than a curtain pole.  The brackets support the tracks without interfering with the glider channel so a single curtain can draw from one side of the track to the other.  Or you may wish to have an uneven pair of curtains which can be accommodated on a curtain track.  Silent Gliss tracks are available up to 6m in a single piece.  Joining pieces are available (which are hidden in the top of the tracks) to join tracks together for requirements longer than 6m.

Layering with a Double or Triple Track

Layering a voile / sheer behind a thicker curtain offers flexibility in privacy and shading throughout the day.  For ceiling fixing, simply position one track in front of the other, for wall fixing please view our range of double tracks that are supplied with Silent Gliss Universal Smart Fix brackets to accommodate the 2 tracks.  Ceiling fixed triple tracks are also available.

Alternatively a roller blind layered behind a curtain is a popular option.  Silent Gliss offer a range of wide width blinds which are an ideal solution for extra wide windows and bi-fold and sliding doors.

Recess Fitting

Recess fitting a track or roller blind delivers a chic, polished finish.  We offer a range of ceiling recess fitted tracks, along with the Blindspace Reese recess profile that enables a motorised track to be recess fitted.  The Silent Gliss 6243 is our most popular hand drawn recess track.

The Blindspace Blind Box profile facilitates the recess fitting for roller blinds for an ultimate, smart look.  The option of adding a Blind Box profile is also available when order Silent Gliss Roller Blinds.

Alternatively dropped ceilings or a pelmet box designed to accommodates space for curtains and or blinds can be built into your project at the design stage.  Lighting can also be incorporated in the design for a stunning end result.  Please get in touch early in your project if you’d like any advice on dimensions, electrical requirements or if you have any questions.


For increased security and convenience we offer a range of motorised tracks and roller blinds from Silent Gliss and Somfy.  These enable integration with home automation systems should this be required.

We offer a wide range of roller blind fabrics from leading blind manufacturers.


Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Silent Gliss curtain tracks now available in black!

Black is intrinsic to interior design.  The ‘black‘ launch from Silent Gliss complements the increase in popularity of dark window and door frames and Crittall style windows and doors delivering a truly stylish window dressing.

When a black track is ordered the gliders and track components are also supplied in black for a cohesive look.

Please read our blog post on the Silent Gliss ‘Black‘ Launch for further information.

Galleria 35mm Metal Curtain Pole Clear Jewelled Cage
45mm Modern Country Wooden Curtain Pole Floral Ball Pearl
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Curtain Poles Suitable for Extra Wide Windows

Should you prefer a curtain pole, we offer a wide range of curtain poles suitable for extra wide windows.  The Rolls Neo, Jones Lunar and Jones Strand brands offer a range of poles up to 6m.  The Rolls Galleria range is a popular choice with poles available up to 4.8m featuring stunning finial designs.  The 50mm diameter in the Galleria range works well at tall ceilings and wide windows balancing the proportion of the room with the diameter of the pole.  For a more traditional look, the Rolls Modern Country range offers a timeless range of 45mm and 55mm wooden curtain poles up to 6m, and the Jones Florentine 50mm wooden curtain pole range is another popular pole with classic finial designs and poles available up to 4.8m.  Please view our full range of metal and wooden poles suitable for extra wide windows.  We also offer some stunning double poles should you be looking for a layering solution.  The Rolls Neo double poles are available up to 4.8m, Cameron Fuller offers double poles up to 4m, and Hallis Hudson Arc up to 6m.


Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Made to Measure Curtains

Readymade curtains are typically suited to curtain poles or tracks up to 360cm wide and up to a 229cm drop.  For poles or tracks over these measurements made to measure curtains are ideal and can be made to fit your requirements.  The wave curtain heading style is perfectly suited to bi-fold and sliding doors and floor to ceiling glazing delivering a slim stack back and a simple, modern curtain heading style.  Please click on this link for more information on the wave curtain heading style.  Alternatively if you prefer a curtain pole an eyelet curtain works well and delivers a contemporary look.

For a more traditional look, double or triple pinch pleat curtains look fabulous on a wider diameter pole such as the 50mm Galleria pole or a 45mm, 50mm or 55mm wooden curtain pole.  Interlined, pinch pleat curtains offer a luxurious finish.

If you are looking for a layered solution and space (front to back) is limited for 2 wave curtains, a pencil pleat or Swiss pleat voile works well behind a wave or pinch pleat curtain.

Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing
Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Wide Width Fabrics

Wide width fabrics lend themselves beautifully to the wave curtain heading style.  Wide width fabrics are typically between 280cm and 320cm wide.  As long as your curtain drop is shorter than the width of the fabric we can make up your curtains without any joins in them.  This is particularly advantageous for a wave curtain as joins in standard width fabrics may fall on the front of a wave fold. We also offer a wide width lining which is 280cm wide, which works well with wide width fabrics to ensure there aren’t any joins in the lining which can be visible through the face fabric.

We are delighted to be selling a wide range of design led, high quality wide width fabrics from Kobe Interiors.

We also offer a range of wide width fabrics by Prestigious Textiles, Harlequin, Clarke & Clarke and Silent Gliss.

Silent Gliss Technical Fabrics

Acoustic Properties

Silent Gliss offer a range of fabrics featuring enhanced acoustic properties helping to absorb sound.  These are particularly useful in large open plan living spaces where sound can bounce around the room.

Light and Heat Management

Silent Gliss also offer a range of aluminium backed fabrics that are ideal for south facing rooms to help retain a pleasant ambient temperature in your room.   The aluminium backing reflects heat back out of the room.  Colorama 1 Alu is a good option for a voile / sheer curtain, or Reflex is a good choice for a semi-transparent fabric.

Fabrics from leading fabric houses

We also offer a wide range of fabrics from leading fabric houses including Sanderson, Harlequin, Clarke & Clarke, GP Baker, Ashley Wilde, Kai and luxury home brands including Laura Ashley, Sara Miller London, Orla Kiely and Emma J Shipley.  These can be made up into beautiful curtains with a curtain heading style of your choice.  We also offer a range of linings to deliver your desired look and to meet your requirements.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our make-up service.  Please read our blog post on ways to shop fabrics and made to measure curtains with The Home Of Interiors.  For more information on our make-up service please read our blog post about our bespoke made to measure curtains make-up service.

Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a popular choice for contemporary living spaces.  They can offer privacy / shading solutions over extra wide windows, bi-fold or sliding doors or large expanses of glazing.  We specialise in the supply of bespoke, custom made blinds and can supply extra wide, motorised, single roller blinds up to 5m wide.  A roller blind of this size will however require an extra large diameter tube.  If planned early on in your project, this could be hidden in a purpose built recess by your builders.

A more popular option is to maintain a more regular sized blind, so the blinds are split to cover the glazing / door panels.  For example you may wish to choose 3 x 2m roller blinds to cover a 6m wide area.  These blinds can be chain operated or motorised.  Double connected systems are available where 2 blinds are operated by a single chain or a single motor.  When placing the order for your blinds with the manufacturer, we will specify your wall to wall measurements so the blinds all fit together taking into account spaced required for the brackets.  The bracket for the double connected system is slimline where the 2 blinds are connected, which reduces the visible light gap.

We have a partnership with a wide range of roller blind fabric manufacturers and specify the best quality blind systems depending on your requirements.  These are all available with Somfy motors to integrate with other Somfy products.

Please view the Silent Gliss Roller Blinds for more information on the Silent Gliss options.

Please get in touch if we can offer any help or assistance or if you have any questions.  Please email or call us on 01590 615775.

Finishing Touches

Add warmth to your open plan space by adding textured cushions and throws to complete the look.  Our fabric and colour specialist can help pull a room solution together for you ensuring your cushions, blinds and curtains work together tonally and complement the style of your room for a polished finish.

Inspiration For Bi-fold & Sliding Doors & Floor to Ceiling Glazing

Please get in touch if we can offer any help or advice with your project.  Please email or call us on 01590 615775 and one of the team will be delighted to answer any questions.  Please read our About The Home Of Interiors page for more information on ways to shop with us and use our services.  We hope we can be of assistance with your project in due course.

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