Corded Curtain Tracks

We sell a wide variety of corded curtain tracks available in metal (aluminium) or plastic (PVC) suitable for different curtain weights.

Silent Gliss are the market leaders in metal, corded curtain tracks. All of their tracks are excellent quality and can be cut to your exact size (at no extra cost). They offer a superior glide to other tracks on the market and are very quiet! If your curtains are on the heavy side of the weight indication the Silent Gliss tracks can be corded both sides to help with the weight distribution. The tracks are brilliant for bay windows and can all be bespoke bent in our factory to your bay window measurements. All of the Silent Gliss tracks are available (except the Silent Gliss Autoglide Electric track that is only available up to a 5m length) up to a 6m length as a single track profile so are perfect for extra wide windows and bi-fold doors. You can join 2 Silent Gliss tracks together giving you a maximum width of 12m! Please read our blog or watch our YouTube video to find out which Silent Gliss curtain track is right for you. The most popular corded tracks are their 3000 track (suitable for medium weight curtains and available in a range of colours), 3900 track (suitable for heavy weight curtains and available in whit) and 3840 (suitable for medium weight curtains, availbale in a range of colours and is compatible with the Silent Gliss wave glider system). All of the Silent Gliss tracks come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. There a short leadtime of 3-4 working days for us to make a track to your requirement.

If you are looking for a corded curtain track that you can cut down to size or bend yourself please first consider which material you would like.

There is only really one PVC option: the Swish Superluxe corded track is suitable for all domestic weight curtains, and uses roller gliders for an extra smooth operation. Offering all the functionality of the Swish Deluxe track with the added benefit of being pre-corded. The reversible overlap and underlap arms ensure extra light control and additional privacy. Easily cut to size by hand. Can be wall or ceiling fixed. Can be bent by hand for bay windows.

If you would prefer a metal, corded track please consider:

Metal Corded Curtain Tracks For Medium Weight Curtains:

The Hallis Superglide aluminium curtain track has been siliconised for silent movement. The track is available with a smooth, flat track profile (superglide flat) or with a ridged profile.

The Swish Supreme Glide corded curtain track has a durable, aluminium sleek profile and uses roller gliders for an extra smooth operation. Easily bent by hand.

The Integra Discreet track is the ultimate ‘invisible’ track ideal for a contemporary ceiling to floor, wall to wall look. The shallow depth profile is fixed directly to the ceiling or wall, which removes the need for brackets (extra holes can be drilled within the flange if required). Lubri-slide gliders run smoothly within an internal channel. It can be corded. If you require this functionality please add the cording set to your basket, which can be found under accessories on the product page.

Corded Metal Tracks for Heavy Weight Curtains:

Swish Ultraglyde Extendable Corded Curtain Track is especially suited for handling heavier weight curtains with ease due to its ball bearing pulley housing. This pre-corded telescopic track is supported with a lifetime guarantee. Made from heavy duty rolled steel, this is an extremely durable track, and being telescopic it can be adjusted to suit your window size. Please note this cannot be bent for bay windows.

If you are looking for a budget metal curtain track we would recommend you take a look at:

Universal corded metal curtain track, which is a pre-corded extendable white steel track. It has interchangeable cording and can be wall or ceiling fixed. Please note this is only suitable for light weight curtains.

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